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Nikki Flux - Interview - Between Alien´s ,Witches and The Rock

Nikki Flux , Born in Oban, Scotland and raised in Adelaide South Australia, now residing in Los Angeles. Classically trained in Australia and then a student in Milton Katselas's acting class at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, she embarked on an acting career.




- Thank you Nikki Flux for your spontaneous commitment.



- What was the moment that you wanted to be an actress?


When I was a child and saw a TV show Battlestar Galactica and Olivia Newton-John in grease - that was when I told my mother that I wanted to become an actor and go to America. 

- After you started your career you landed a spot on "Women of Wrestling" as Koala Kate. How did you get the role?


I was asked to audition for the role after the producers saw that I was a fitness model and had previous athletic experience. The production company trained about 30 women, each with different characters, how to perform the stunts necessary for wrestling. It was a physically demanding experience, that opened me up to both acting and stunts. I moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco and stayed there to pursue other opportunities. So, although the show only lasted one season, it gave me a lifelong friendship with Lisa Danielle who played Bronco Billy and I was Koala Kate. After the show ended, it was Lisa, my then roommate who told me about Scorpion King - there was an audition we both went to at Universal studios and I booked my first acting role, along side Dwayne “the rock” Johnson. 


- Do you have any previous experience with Pro Wrestling?


No, I did not. The producers had wrestling trainers to teach us. We trained for a year before the show aired. 


- Btw, you worked with the Wrestling Legend The Rock as Warrior Woman in "The Scorpion King" Thats right?


Yes. It was my first acting role ever - I played a warrior woman and it changed my life. I worked on the movie for 3 months and another 2 for re-shoots. 

- 2002 you started on Star Trek Enterprise in differnt role´s. Sometimes as Crewman or Denobulan or Yellow skined Alien. How did you get the spot in Star Trek?


Again, I auditioned for a part on the show and did numerous roles throughout the entire run of the show. It was an amazing experience to act, do stunts and play aliens in prosthetic make up. 


- Were you a Star Trek fan before you got cast for the show?


I loved the old series and now JJ Abrams movies. As a child I loved the show which aired in Australia in re-runs. However, as an actor on the show, the casting process made it clear that they wanted actors, not fans, only because they are protective of new storyline’s and the production itself. As a child I was a fan but as an actor hired to play different things, it’s a different dynamic where I was paid to be a professional. Inside though, when you are part of a process going back to the 1960’s; you cannot help but be in awe and a fan, but I kept my professionalism in check. I think fans are amazing and the reason why we act and it’s nice to know how much they love the show and how much support that universe gets worldwide. It’s humbling to be a small part of that.


- What was your personal Faveorite role in Star Trek?


Playing any alien because the process was so fascinating-the staff in the creature shop at Paramount are exceptional at what they do and in some small way, I am a part of that history. It’s humbling to realise that as a child I loved William Shatner and the show and to even have had a small role was so wonderful. Thank you for asking that. 

- With Star Trek comes a big fan community. Did you have some experience with the Trekkie fans?


I still get fan mail and they are super sweet anytime anyone recognises me for any role I’ve done. I consider myself a working actor which means that whilst I’ve had great exposure on and off over my career I am not a household name and that is perfectly fine. The fans are absolutely wonderful and that is why we do what we do. Thank you for asking that that was very sweet.


- You worked also as stunt double in CHARMED for Alyssa Milano, thats right?


Yes, I did. I had a tremendous experience on that the stunt team was incredible Alyssa was very nice and it was an honour to do that. I happen to be doing another role on the show and one of the producers approached me because I was similar in height and and weight to her and she at that time had short hair (I did too) and they asked me to try on an outfit which fit perfectly and the rest is history. 


- Nikki, is there something special you would love to do in the future? A special

role or actor to work with?


Thank you for asking that. What I am doing right now is writing a book which I intend to be produced into a series. It is supernatural science fiction and it is called “Blood Jury.” Since technology is now the way that it is I always envisaged the show or the characters to come to life via prosthetic and computer-generated work. Special actors I would love to work with would probably be Nicole Kidman, Jason Momoa and Zoe Kravitz. The book and the series that I am writing has so many layers, even though it is set in modern times it does go back to ancient history and I believe these actors could really bring it to life.

- Thank you for your time,Nikki Flux Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans.


Thank you so much for this opportunity to interview. I would say one thing that is important for the fans is to know that any dream that they may have for themselves; anything is possible. You see, because I am a woman that was born in Scotland, raised in Australia and with determination and a dream made it to America to pursue my dreams. So my main thing to say to fans is: always be true to yourself and never stop trying to achieve your dreams.

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