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Interview with Pam Rose from Star Wars Episode IV

Today my Guest is Pam Rose better known as Leesub Sirln (previously only known as 'weird girl') from Star Wars A new Hope.

Hi Pam Rose,
Thanks for taking the time to anwser the questions for this interview.How are you today?


Hello.thank you for asking me to do an interview for you.I am honored ,One  little fact that you may have missed is that I was Weird Girl.Then Leesub Sirin. and changed again in 2009 to Leesub Sirln when my action figure was released.

-Pam you better known as Leesub Sirln in the Star Wars Universe,how has that role changed your life?


It has given me a fabulous, interesting and crazy new life in my retirement years.I would never have dreamed after so many years that people would be interested in meeting me, or listening to my story,especially collecting my pictures and autograph.Wonderful times.

-How did you get cast as Leesub Sirln in A New Hope?

I worked for an agency called Central Casting.we were sent to Elstree Studios for an audition and was chosen to play that part,never even thought anything about was just another job at the time.

-Can you give us a story from being on the set on Star Wars?


Being laughed at ,we were filming around Easter and was called egg head.also a very rude name,SHUSHHHH

Also Young Kenny Baker biting my bum.

-When you look at the Star Wars Universe and see all the fans they know you, have an action figure,Autographs and all the things ,what do you feel about it?

I love meeting all the fans ,Costumers,and love the kids .they probably know more about the film than I do.

I try and get pictures with as many as possible.

-But you are not only Leesub Sirln,you worked in many other projects like Batman , Superman and you are in 8 episodes in "Space: 1999" thats right?


I have worked on many Films.TV series and Commercials.I enjoyed them all,all the diversity,different locations,Studios.I'm lucky that now ,I've been invited to different events for Space 1999 and Batman as well as Star Wars.

-Are there any new Pam Rose projects, we can look forward to?

No projects except Conventions 18 so far booked for this year.One for 2016 and holding my breath that I will invited to the USA

-What would you like to say in closing to your fans?


If you come and see me.please say Hello,you don't have to buy an autograph.

Thanks again and i look forward to see you some day in germany in the future.

I would love to come back to an event in Germany.pretty please LOL

Fans feel free to visit her homepage:


Be prepared for Star Wars VII

From Pam xxxx

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