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“The Brunette Barbie” Paris Van Dale Interview

Ring Name: “The Brunette Barbie” Paris Van Dale 

Date Of Birth: June 27th 2000

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches 

Birth Place: Boynton Beach, Florida 

Debut: March 15th 2020 At WSU Against Boink The Clown 

Trained By: The New England Pro Wrestling Academy 

Finishers/Signature Moves: Split Stunner, X Factor, & Meteora 


Facebook Page - Paris Van Dale 

Twitter - @theparisvandale 

Instagram - @theparisvandale 

Tik Tok - @theparisvandale 


When and how did you get into Pro Wrestling ?

My whole family loves wrestling so it was always on in the house. There isn’t a time in my life that I can remember where I wasn’t watching wrestling. I knew from the age of 5 that wrestling was what I wanted to do with my life.


Do you have any previous experience with martial arts from before you became a wrestler or other sports you did?

I didn’t grow up playing sports. I pretty much focused my time on the arts. I danced for 15 years with 10 of those years being done competitively. I was apart of a choral group and took part in multiple community theater plays. 


Can you still recall your first training sessions?

When I started training I definitely was nervous.  Wrestling is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but at the same time it makes me extremely happy. Those first few months of training were brutal. There wasn’t a single class where I didn’t get a new bruise or sore muscle but I always went home excited to see what the next class was going to bring. 


 How do you remember your first match, what was the feedback and what experience did you take from it?

I think you hear a lot of horror stories about people’s first matches but I am very lucky to say that this wasn’t the case with me and my first match. Everyone in the locker room was super supportive and that definitely eased my nerves. The match wasn’t perfect but I am happy with how it turned out. I learned a lot about myself through the experience and for that I am grateful. 


 Do you have a dream opponent‘ you want to fight above all others?

I am so new into this business that there is so many people I have yet to wrestle. I think picking just one person is tough. I could go on forever but to name a few in terms of independent wrestling I’d love to wrestle Davienne, Ava Everett, Ashley Vox, and Delmi Exo. If you’re asking me an overall dream opponent as in like WWE then I’d definitely have to say Sasha Banks. 


Do you have/ had any Wrestling idols Or Childhoodheroes?

When I first started watching wrestling I was a big fan of Eddie Guerrero and he still remains to be one of my favorites. I also enjoy watching a lot of Shawn Michaels as well as CM Punk matches. Now as far as  women go my favorites would have to be Trish Stratus, AJ Lee, and Sasha Banks. 


What are you doing when you not stand inside the ring?

When I’m not wrestling I usually spend my time watching tv/movies, reading books, listening to music, hanging out with friends, or shopping. 


When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you , where can they contact you?

They can either contact me by messaging one of my social media accounts or by email. 

- Thank you very much for your time- I wish you much success at your next event´s .Thank you for your time! Stay well! Stay safe

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