Ring Name: Ramona
Date Of Birth: 30/08/1996
Height: 170
Weight: 55
Birth Place: Moscow
Debut: 25/07/2015
Trained by: IWF
Finishers/Signature Moves: Katatonik / Blockbaster

instagram: ramona_iwf
skype: ledakova2015

-Thank you for your spontaneous commitment and being a part of "The Global Indy Pro Wrestling World Tour 2016/2017.
Can you introduce yourself please?

Hello. My name is Ramona. I am a professional wrestler from Russia and I am the women's champion of the IWF.

-How did you get into the Wrestling business ?

My story will not be surprising to everyone. I was accidentally shown a couple of matches on TV. And I suddenly immersed
myself in studying the story of wrestling totally. Then I realized that I want to become a pro wrestler! Fortunately there is
a wrestling school I'm Moscow but i had to wait until I was 18 years old, since I was taken to school)

-What is your family thinking of your passion for the sport, are they worried about your health?

It's a very funny situation) they are extremely opposed to what I do, but they go to every my show and scream my name

- What can you say about your Coach and how long did it take, that it was clear for you to do the first match?

My coaches are real professionals! They always help, prompt and give advice to me! I am very grateful to them for their
work! I made my debut 9 months after the start of the training.

- Ramona ,Can you still remember your very first Pro Wrestling match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live
crowd for the first time?

I remember my first match very well. This fear, these experiences .... I remember everything .... but as soon as my music
started playing, my fear went away and I became a different person! I've never been so happy! I realized that I love the
energy that the audience gives to me! And I have a great desire to give them my emotions!

- You work for Indy Pro Wrestling Companys in Russia , what can you tell us about some of this?

This is the best place! There are amazing people! It is a great honor for me to communicate with them every day. As well
as I they strongly love wrestling. Despite the fact that we are not the largest federation in the world, we are the oldest
federation in Russia! And I'm proud to be a part of the history of Russian wrestling!

- Pro Wrestling has many legends, do you have any idols?

For me, the only and unique ideal is Chris Hero! He's one of a kind! An excellent wrestler! I adore his technique and arsenal
of moves! I'm studying by watching his matches!

- How would you describe an Wrestling Fans from an other Country the Wrestling Events in your Land?

All the fans are different and this is good! All the fans are different, and it's good! You never know how the viewer will meet you, but that's what attracts me. Fans always react ambiguously, but I want each of them to be satisfied with my work after the show!

- What goals do you still have, would a major contract be interesting for you or do you feel well in the Indy area?

Like every person I want to be a professional wrestler! I'm ready for any suggestions! It does not matter will it be an indy
promotion or a full-fledged contract! I'm ready! I'm interested because I love this sport!

- Every wrestler tries to gain international experience, to travel to many countries. Which country you would love to visit
next and wrestle? And do you had the time to make some sightseeing in other Countrys?

I am ready to travel to any country! And I will definitely find time for this! There is one small problem, my English is not so
clear as it is necessary hahahahaha

-When a booker or company from your Country or arround the world will book you where can they contact you?

I can be contacted through any social network or my e-mail)

-Is there anything else you would like to let the World Wrestling Fans and your fans know?

Love wrestling! See wrestling! Promote wrestling! This is a unbelievable sport that unites us! And of course, pay attention
to the Russian wrestling! We have something to surprise you!