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'Blak Excellence' Rochelle Rogue Interview

Ring Name: 'Blak Excellence' Rochelle Rogue
Date of birth: 23/06/2001
Height: 164cm
Birth place: Newcastle, NSW
Debut: 2019
Trained by: Adam Hoffman
Finishers/ Signature Moves: Finishers - Cattle Mutilation and the GoryBomb Neckbreaker
My signature move is a lariat to the back.
Homepage: (Facebook,Instagram, Twitter,Website)
Facebook - Rochelle Rogue - Professional Wrestler
Instagram - @rochelle.rogue
Twitter - @rochelleroguepw

- Do you remember your first encounter with wrestling?
I've grown up with wrestling, my mum, dad and uncle used to watch it all the time when I was a toddler. However I got back into wrestling when I was around 9 years old. I don't have a specific memory but Beth Phoenix entering the men's Royal Rumble in 2010.

- Please give us a brief summary of how you got into Pro Wrestling.
Well I grew up around wrestling and started watching the local Indy promotions around 15. So when I was 16 there was a try out and it kinda grew from there.

- Do you have any previous experience with martial arts from before you became a wrestler or other sports you did?
I played a wide range of sports. I played rugby league for 4 years, I played netball, volleyball, soccer and have been riding horses for as long as I can remember.

- Can you still recall your first training sessions?
Yes I can, at that point in time I was training with a company I don't want to give any attention to. But I remember learning how to bump in a stiff, old boxing ring.

- How do you remember your first match, what was the feedback and what experience did you take from it?
My first match is one I'd rather not remember. Personally I think I debuted before I was ready. But I keep learning from my mistakes and trying to become the best version of myself.


- Do you have a ‚dream opponent‘ you want to fight above all others?
I don't exactly have a dream opponent, sure there are people that I look up to that I want to wrestle. But honestly I want to wrestle everyone.

- Do you have personal highlights, favourite matches or feuds so far in wrestling?
My favourite personal highlight was winning the FWA Women's Championship. Still a surreal moment for me.

- What are you doing when you not stand inside the ring?
Studying, currently I'm studying medicine at University so if I'm not training or wrestling. I'm on my laptop doing notes.

- When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you , where can they contact you?
They can contact me via my Instagram or Facebook pages or they can contact me via my email address:

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