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Ross O`Hennessy - Interview with Lord of Bones and many more

Ross O'Hennessy is an actor best know for playing 'the Lord of Bones ' in HBO's award winning series GAME OF THRONES. He is equally renowned for playing the blood thirsty character of ' Sir Locke,' in Kurt Sutter's medieval drama ' The Bastard Executioner and many more.


- Thank you Ross O'Hennessy being my guest for this Interview.


- Ross you start your career in the middle of the 90´s in "Soldier Soldier". what made you become an actor?

Being born in Wales we have a long history of plays and storytelling. In our language we have story telling festivals called Eisteddfod. It's in our ancient traditions to be 'bards' and it just felt like the natural move to make the step to being a professional actor.


- After many spots in Series like "Torchwood" , "Lexx" and many more you played 2013-2014 Commander Quattone in "Da Vinci´s Demon´s. What can you tell us about the set, your role and the series?

Each role in each TV show is very much within my natural casting. I am a fairly physical person and so I often get cast to play warrior roles or soldiers. I guess it's because of my muscular frame.

- 2015 , You play Lord of Bones in the Episode "Hardhome" in Game of Thrones. Did you ever expect Lord of Bones to become as popular as he did?

The lord of Bones is such an iconic character because of his armour. I had read all the books before I played the role so I knew how significant the character was to the Wildings and where he stood within the story of Fire and Ice. I never expected to get such a warm welcome from the fans though, every comic con or personal appearance I have ever attended has impressed. The Game of Thrones fans are so loyal and so welcoming.


- Would you liked to play more in Game of Thrones?

I loved my role and it would be fun to revisit it in a prequal.

- What was it like working with some of the Main Cast of the series?

All the cast were lovely and everyone treated each other like family.

- After Game of Thrones 2015 you played Locke in "The Bastard Executioner" When fans see you , did they call you more "Lord of Bones" or "Locke"? 

I more well known for my Game of Thrones appearance because I think Game of Thrones is more renowned.

- Musketeers, Game of Thrones ,The Bastard Executioner, The lost Viking ,Dragon Kingdom. You loved working in Movies,Series like this?

I have a soft spot for costumed dramas, even if the costume is just a wool rug and sword. I ride horses and love anything to do with them. Put me in costume on a horse and I will be happy.

- On IMDb the List of announced,pre-prodution and post-production is very lomg. Whats you tip for your fans?

I keep working and keep popping up in all sorts of productions. I would watch out for my appearance in 'ABSENTIA' tv show next year, it airs on Amazon Prime. It's a great one.

- Is there still a role you would love to play in the future?

I don't mind, Just keep my in costume and swinging a sword and I am happy.

- At the last you maybe had some words for your fans in the world and germany?

I have fond memories of German, I played Rocky in the Rocky Horror Show there in 1996. Fab times...!´

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