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Ruben Swift Vidal Interview - The Walking Dead

- How did you get your role in the AMC Series The Walking Dead as one of the Saviors?

I have to thank my children for this lol My son’s Giovanni & Che were avid watchers of The dead, I didn’t want to watch the show. Funny part was my neighbor had worked on the show and I had no care for it. I had been doing many TV shows as BG & Stand In roles. After I was trusted by casting companies I started receiving direct calls and texts. One day I was called & blessed with the gig. I had no clue about it. It was awesome being savior and ill return as a savior in season 10 lol

- Ruben , did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to
your casting to The Walking Dead?

Never seen the show before, I had filmed in 3 episodes of season 6 and had no clue what was going on lol, I just followed directions from the Ad’s.

- When you watched TWD the first time do you ever think that you will be a part in this series some day? What was funny after filming the last episode of season 6, when we had break. I took two months to watch all the episodes. I actually love the show now, thankful to be a member of it and the family. Funny part, I saw everyone die in the circle from season 6 lol i still didn’t know what was going on.

- Working with Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan or one of the Maincast Members will be a dream for every TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?
Working with Andy I have learned so much, such a cool dude. but when he is in the zone, stay out of his way. Same with JDM, Norm etc. Four people I have grown close to are Avi(Siddiq), Melissa(Carol), Ross(Aaron), Khary(Ezekiel). Can’t forget Cassidy & Copper they make me smile & laugh every time I see them . Working around all these people & Crew is a amazing experience in acting & family environment.

- How much has the series The Walking Dead influenced your life? Can you
go outside unrecognized ?

I can walk outside still and love it. Even when i make it to the top I’ll continue to walk around & ill also continue to drive Lyft, this is my public service weekly. TWD is a regular job for me as well. I’m not just on camera, I’m also Siddiqs Double & Stand in for the show. I have also done this work for a couple of the characters lol

- Team Negan or Team Rick in reallife or maybe a Whisperer?
I’ll always be team Negan, Currently a main Whisperer

- Many Actor work not only as Saviors, in the last Season some of them work as Whisperer too, are you work in more then just one role?
In season 10 towards the end you’ll see me as a whisperer doing some battle. just like in season 6 episode 16, Aaron & I come face to face again in season 10 lol

- Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series
outside "The Walking Dead" that you can reveal?

I just completed a scene Charlie Hunnan in a movie called Waldo, I’m the weird dead guy lol. I just came out in Zombieland 2 playing cards with Emma Stone, couple of episodes of Ozark season 3. Right now I’m working on Suicide Squad 2. Thankful and Blessed for the work.

- You work as DJ too, thats right?

I love to DJ dance music. On the TV show Tales on BET im the DJ With Lil Romeo lol. I spin House music, you can check out my stuff on

- Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead Fans and your fans know?

We at the #TWDFamily thank everyone. Every single person on set puts in some serious work daily, We thank everyone for the support. season 10 will continue to be amazing & some movies are coming soon. I’ll continue to pop up every once in awhile.

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You can do anything you want in life. I’m just a puerto rican kid from the Bronx.
I love art and pursued my passion for Music & Movies and it all came to life.
My only goal for this Acting is to be in the Voltron live action movie. I have been in talks with David Hayer(The writer) and it’s coming soon. I will be apart of this motion picture.
All you have to do is Believe in yourself.

- Thank you Ruben for your time and i hope to see you one day in Germany too.


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