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Sabine Crossen Interview

Sabine Crossen is a bilingual actress (French mother, American father) who was born in the United States but grew up in NZ. When she was 20 years old she moved to Paris to study acting at the Actorat Dramatic Arts College.



- Thank you Sabine Crossen for your time for the Fans.


My pleasure !



- You started your career 2001 ,what moved you to become an actress?


When I grew up we didn’t have a TV but once a week my dad would take me to the movies, this (and books ) opened my mind and my imagination. I loved the different worlds actors and film directors created. I guess becoming an actress was then my way of living in them. I also want to give back to the audience all the joy and excitement that other actors gave before me.



- Sabine, your first role in a feature film was playing an Elf in Lord Of The Rings.How was it being a little part of this epic movie?


AMAZING. I got to have elven ears, speak elven and watch Peter Jackson direct. The set was real, the crew enormous, the costumes fabulous. My hair and make-up took 3 hours every morning. We had an apartment with my male conter part, Daniel Perriam, as we were the 2 Rivendale elves booked for close ups, and we hung out with Elijah, Orlando, Tommy and the other main actors, it was magical. 



- A long list of films and series followed. Then you got into the next big film series Star Wars Rogue One where you played an Jedha City Citizen.  With a role in Star Wars comes a Big Fan

Community, what are your first star wars fan experiences?


The Star Wars community is full of wonderful fans, people that know the saga inside and out. I got invited to several comic coms through Andrew brittle and it was an honour to sign autographs and take selfies with kids and parents alike, it made them so happy I couldn’t believe it, just chatting to them about the set and how it went etc



- 2017 you get a role in the series "Motherland" as Alpha Mum 2. What can you tell us about this role?


Oh ! That was a small part, that of a ‘posh alpha’ mum, the ‘mum’s in the cool zone as you would say, that was a lot of fun. was fab to have a scene with Lucy Punch.



- You are not only an actress, you also producer / director / writer. you has won 10 awards for your short film L'amour Rend Aveugle (Love Is Blind). How was this feeling getting so many awards?


I am ! So L'amour Rend Aveugle (Love Is Blind) starring Eliza Calmat and Cedric Maruani won over 30 awards, many were best film or best actress, and well actually all of my short films have won many awards : Resurrection with Tony Simmoneau, distributed by Origine Films, has 60 official festival selections + 23 awards, THE WICK, 36 official selections and I think 10 awards, it’s still on the festival circui,t and O WIMBOWÉ ( which is only 2 minutes) has incredibly been in over 20 festivals, won 6 awards and even been bought in Spain. Many say they don’t care about awards but personally I love them, I have a whole shelf and every time I feel doubts about my directing or acting I look at them and think about all the wonderful people who gave their time to watch my films and I feel good. It’s also an award for my whole team. Without my cast and crew there would be no film :) 



- When you look back at all your movies, series and projects, whats your personal highlight so far and why?


LOTR, still, even after all these years. Because it was so special and unique. But also training for 2 weeks on Wonder Woman, I nearly died from the pain but I learnt that the limits I had could be broken and I could go further than I had ever imagined. Then there was my first best actress award with ‘Mon Poussin ‘ (Sweetheart) by Jeremie Seguin, that was a surprise. I also had a brilliant time in film festivals like ‘Love your Shorts’ in Florida, ‘Snowdance' in Germany or at ’The Wales International Film Festival’ because I et amazing people like Georgios Dimitropoulos as we did a short film together and now in September we will shoot our feature film in Greece with Pierre Azéma and myself acting and Georgios directing. 




- Infront of this interview you give me an exclusiv view of your latest short film as a director "Candy" . I love it. how would you explain the film to the fans?


Oooooo yes ! It’s a satire on social media, with a simple question "how far would you go to get a like?” that takes the characters further than they ever imagined!  The lead actor Hervé Quentric wrote it and the lead actress Flavie Péan is the one that suggested asking me to direct it. They were amazing to work with, they even trained for 6 months with Gregory Loffredo, our stunt coordinator (MAD) he's worked on tons of films like the last James Bond movie. It’s a mix of Disney + Gore, not a genre you see very often. So costumes (Jeanne Roy), make up (Hélène Rabu) and sets were very important characters too. 

Our set designer was Anne Seibel (Oscar nominée for Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen and Emmy nominée for ‘Emily in Paris’) did a brilliant job. And my DOP Nicolas Beauchamp (you may have heard of ’The House of Gaunt’ - Harry Potter Fan film that millions watched?) worked closely with us to bring to the screen that mix of pretty pink / trashy red. I couldn’t have done the film with out my producers Gregory Bollack, Francois Bouché @mustangproductions, Delphine Poudou @Jade&Tarzan & JC Savelli @SerialB. They all believed in the script and my vision. 

And as you know 50% of a movie is made through the edit, my editor Edouard Alvado not only made that happen but he also worked with me on the music and finding the ’special clip’ edit for the ‘orgasmic scene’ - we used Orange Mechanic and a few other films for inspiration but it was truly our work together that bought the crazy in Candy to life. Special thanks to Foreign Air for their son Free Animals and to our musicians + sound, Alexandre Olivier, Sarah Temstet & Etienne Gautier.

The synopsis goes : Like in a fairy tale, it only took one glance for Etienne to fall head over heels in love with Candy. When she invites him home for a drink, he discovers that this pretty influencer with a vivid imagination, did not invite him just by chance. But is Etienne ready to play Candy's strange little game?





- Sabine , Is there something special you would love to do in the future?  A special role or actor/actress to work with?

Oh yes I would like to direct a fantasy film or series, like Avatar or Game Of Thrones, or a Syfy based on a Philip K Dick book. I would also love to act in projects like that too, As to actors and actresses to work with, there are so many, I really like the actress in HANNA - Esme Creed-Miles, or Jason Sudeikis who’sin Ted Lasso.



- Thank you for your time Sabine Crossen! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?

Thank you ! 

Dear lovely people reading this thank you for your support and remember that we make our movies and our art for you :)

Much love Sabine

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