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Sandy Saldivar Interview The Mandalorian

- Thank you Sandy Saldivar for your time for the Star Wars The Mandalorian Fans.


- Sandy, Were you a Star Wars fan before you got cast for The Mandalorian ?
I don’t watch a lot of Tv but I have always been a fan of the whole collection of madalorian goods it just reminds me of Disney and I love anything Disney it just brings up my childhood memories and I admire everything that is collectable and vintage and I like how Starwars  never gets old Though I never watched the film I only watched the very first starwars movie as a child but it just brings me so much joy for some reason.


- What roles did you play in The Mandalorian?
I played an old wrinkled bald man, I played a green creature that looks like an elephant, I played a brown colored droid that looks like a big trash can, I played a silver droid that looks squared shaped with space legs, and I played a Jawa.


- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?
There was a season where it rained the day before and the present day sprinkling and there was deep big puddles of watter and our costumes got really muddy from head to toe it made me realize I tried my best from geting really dirty and it was a remarkable and unforgettable day I felt i worked a lot and I felt proud of myself.


- With a role in Star Wars comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first star wars fan experiences?
I have not had many experiences with starwars fans because I don’t tell people i been on starwars unless ppl ask me specifically on what I do for work and films I been on but there has been some ocations with Uber drivers that try to Get my signature and social media.


- Will we see you back in The Mandalorian in season three? Or maybe The Story of Boba Fett? (if you are allowed to talk about it)
I’m thinking that there is a very high possibility and high chance of me being booked again for a couple of more seasons because The production really likes my work coworkers and cast crew always recognize my hard work and always notice me when they see me 


- Sandy you also played in Shameless , American Horroy Story and 911. Which parts did you play ?
I did also worked on shameless I was in it for a few episodes there was a scene where I was In a livingroom with other actors and Cameron was giving a speech about his Gay beliefs . American Horror story was also a memorable role in my acting life because I was dressed in a hospital gown at the hospital in a room by myself and I was strangled with handcuffs on my arms and legs attached to the bed acting like a crazy person .

On the show 911 I was a photo double for Christopher the little boy that gets rescued drowning from the tsunami and my body is featured when the woman is holding me on her arms reuniting with the dad. I was also in the “sunny day” Walmart commercial as a photo double for a 5 year old and a cable commercial for a 10 year old as a photo double and I was acting like a superhero dressed in a cape pretending i was flying .

There was another film Wich was called “citizen” and I was a photo double for a 10 year old girl and we both wore wigs and same outfits and I had to drive a small tractor  because the kid couldn’t drive it. Saved by the bell was also Another another role I got as a student in HighSchool . Young Shelton was also fun to work on I was in the scene where we were at a church and I was sitting across from young Shelton. The circle was also a fun film because I got the chance to see Emma Watson because she was one of the actors I always wanted to see in person and meet and be in one of her films . 


- On your Instagram you say:""im not a kid I’m legally legal over 20" but you look very young.Is that annoying sometimes when people perceive you as a child instead of a woman?
Yes I have that quote on my instagram because no social media moderators believe I’m a woman and I can never do a live in peace or act like a woman because I think they believe I’m violating all their rules for just looking young and because I’m as short as an 8-10 year old so they always put restrictions on me and or completely banned for talking and interacting with ppl my age but I never let it put me down .


- Sandy , Is there something special you would love to do in the future?  A special role or actor to work with?
In the future I would like to get a lot more principal kid roles and also work with Ana Kendrick, Adam Sandler, Bailee Madison, Dakota fanning, Chloe G Moretz and Isabelle fuhrman.



- Thank you for your time Sandy! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?
Some words I have for the fans is stay close for the next exiting season and remember this is the way… may the fourth be with you!

- Thank you and i hope to see you maybe some day on an German Star Wars Convention


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