Interview with Sarah Giercksky

Today my Guest is from Sweden.

Thank you Sarah Giercksky for your time for this interview.

-Can you introduce yourself the fans?
 I am a screenplay writer and an actress. I have always loved horror movies and I write mostly horror scripts. I watched my
first horror film when I was 6 years old, which was John Carpenter's Halloween.

-Sarah, you startet writing screenplays when you was 12 years , thats right?
Yes that is correct.

-What screenplays did you write with 12 years?
When I was 12 I was very inspired by slasherfilms and I wrote my own slasher stories/scripts. When I was 16 I wrote my first
screenplay for a gore feature film and now I mostly write scripts for feature films.

-As Actress you startet 11 years later you first of many short movies, „ Man in the Forest „ How was it for yourself being at
the other side of the camera for the first time?

I did take a theatre course when I was younger, but started writing instead, but I fell in love with acting while we filmed the
teaser for it in 2015. Acting made me a better version of my self and I have learned how to express my feelings through acting.

-What was your personal Highlight so far when you look at the short movies you make?
 My personal highlight has been seeing my short horror film Rotten Love getting accepted into lots of film festivals and it has
won an award for best horror film.

-2017 you make your , so far, biggest Movie „Sargad“ , what can you tell us about this Horror film?
 Sargad is about a young woman, Elina, who together with her mom and younger sister drive to their old country house to spread
their dad's ashes. While visiting this special place, they encounter three brothers who will make their weekend a living hell.

Sargad is a revenge movie and it is the first feature film that I filmed. I play the main character Elina.

-When did you have the idea for the script?
 I got the idea for the script when I was visiting my family in Poland during the summer of 2015.

-Is it possible to see the movie outside from Sweden right now? Or where can people watch it?
 You will be able to see Sargad at festivals around the world, but you can also pre-order it on DVD through our facebook page.

-On ImdB i see some new short movie projects coming. What will we see next from or with you Sarah?
 I do have a few very exciting projects coming up, but I can't reveal anything about them yet, but they are horror related.

-At the last some words to the fans outside there?
 I am hoping that every horror fan will want to see Sargad aswell as my short horror films Rotten Love and Mimes.

-Thank you Sarah and good luck for the future and maybe we will see you someday in germany at a Horror Convention.
Thanks for the interview.
Kind Regards,
Sarah Giercksky