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Interview with Sonya Thompson (The walking Dead)

Sonya was born in Northeast Georgia and loves to make people smile. She has trained with Kate Rasnick -voice-overs; Candace Mabry -Acting Coach; Jennifer Malone -Acting Classes; Shreepal Zala -Vocal Coach; and Ted Brunetti -Acting Workshop.

She has worked on several projects ranging from film to music videos to TV shows to commercials.But many known her as Zombie from The Walking Dead.

First , it is a pleasure to have you Sonya Thompson here for, thank you.


You are one of the famous The walking Dead Zombie Pictures,how does it feel to see yourself 1000 times in www as a zombie or on magazine covers?


Thank you for the opportunity. Being on so many items has been surreal. I still get giddy when I see myself on something new.

This was not the first time you played in a zombiefilm, you also a part of Zombieland, what is the difference between the movie and The Walking Dead?


I enjoyed my role in Zombieland. The pace was much different and the eye contacts were smaller. It was a more bloody zombie, took me days to get the blood out of my ears. laughs. The Walking Dead contained long hot days in the Georgia humidity. The contacts were bigger and my eyes would dry out, so they would roll up in my eyes. We also wore long sleeve clothing that made it hot.

The Make-up is awesome, how was it for you in the and under the make up?


I did enjoy watching the make up process for both. I felt as though I was the canvas and they were putting their art work on me. That was the best part of all of it!

The walking Dead is now a part of your history, but you also worked in Ben 10 and Drop Dead Diva, where will we see you next?


I directed a segment on the grindhouse film Cry For Revenge with Christina Lingberg. Hoping that will be out this year. I play the role of Flo on This Old Machine, Victoria Stubaker in the film Prosper, Victoria in the film All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest,


Debbie's Mom on Hell Night, I play a detective in Encuetrate, and there is a little webseries called Lumber Baron of Jasper County that I play the role of Sam in.

In Germany this year starts the InfeCtiON (TWD Con) and will continue next year,when the promoter ask,will you come?




I would for sure say yes to being a guest at the InfeCtiON con 2015!

At the last something so say to TWD and Sonya Fans?


To all the Walking Dead Fans and my fans! Thank you so much for your support. With out the fans the shows would not exist, so there fore you are the important ones!!! Zombie Hugs and love to all of you!! You ROCK!!


Thank You very much,it was a great pleasure for me.

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