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Hilary Shepard - Star Trek DS9 Interview

Hilary Shepard is best known for playing the character of the evil pirate queen Divatox, 
in the "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" but i am a Fan when i saw her in Star Trek Deep Space Nine  
as Lauren in the Episodes „Statistical Probabilities“ and  „Chrysalis „ .

Thank you Hilary that you spend some time for your Fans here.

- Hilary , the most fans know you for playing the character of the evil pirate queen Divatox, 
in the "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" . How was it when fans still recognize you?
I love being recognized and am always surprised when people do! I always know when old episodes of Golden Girls, Power Ranger Turbo is DS9 are on tv cause it happens it will happen over and over  again and then not at all!

- I said it at the beginning here, i am a fan of your Role as Lauren but before you had 1996 a 
little cast as Hoya in Deep Space Nine, right?
Yes, for the roll of Lt Hoya I was unrecognizable and killed off so I was thrilled when I got the call to okay Kauren! I auditioned twice and then got it!

- Then 1997 you had your first Step on DS9 as One in A group of genetically engineered 
humans are brought to Dr. Bashir on DS9 in hopes of integrating them with the rest of 
the universe. Lauren is here. What can you say about this role?

I loved this role, I decided to play her like a petulant kitty cat who knows she’s smarter than everyone else. She had to be perfect at everything, which wasn’t so much of a problem when it came to singing but when it comes to dancing I have two left feet! That was the hardest part of the role for me, faking perfect dancing!

- When you look back 20 years later, how was it work in the Star Trek Universe with 
Actors like Alexander Siddig or other Maincast Members?

I love seeing them in other roles and going hey! I worked with them! I’m attending my first StarTrek Convention Aug1-5 in Las Vegas and am exciting to see some familiar faces and meet my fans!

- 1998 you come back as Lauren into the Star Trek Universe, what was the best thing 
or the funniest moment about working on Star Trek Deep Space Nine?Is there something 
special you can share with us?

Most of the other actors were tone deaf, only Faith and I could sing! That aria was hard enough to learn let alone with tone deaf people signing in our ears! Luckily they kept Faith and my voices and dubbed the rest!

- Now Star Trek Discovery is the new Series, would you work for this series too when they ask? Yes! Hey Star Trek Discovery! If you’re listening , call me!

- Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series that you can reveal?
I am currently working on a series called Judy- Isms with my bff actress Daryl Hannah , that I wrote and star in and she is directing!

   Check my fan page on face book HILARY SHEPARD DIVATOX or my instagram HILARY SHEPARD or my Twitter @therealdivatox for updates!

- Is there anything else you would like to let The Star Trek/Power Rangers Fans  know?im thrilled to be a part of the Power Ranger and Star Trek worlds! Thank you for being such great fandoms!



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