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Stephen Costantino

Interview with an Gamorrean Guard

Stephen Costantino is an actor, musican and producer, known as Gamorrean Guard in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.

- You played in one of the biggest SiFi movies of all time, Star Wars A new Hope, Can you tell how you got cast for Star Wars And how did you get your part assigned?

Corey Dee Williams and I had a band and used to rehearse at Corey’s dads house who is Billy Dee Williams!
Billy Dee came in one day and asked Corey to stand in for him in Return of the Jedi being shot in Yuma Arizona!
Corey was adamant about going because we were writing and creating a lot so I was asked to come along and continue to work on music with Corey as a guest!
After about three days on the set which was about a 45 minute ride from the hotel I asked Howard Kazanjian the producer who had invited Billy and us to dinner if I could work or help out at all for free because I was very grateful to be there!
The next day they made me the Gamorrean Guard on the barge and Corey Klaatu!


- What do you remember most of you work as Gamorrean Guard? Is there a special or funny moment?
I remember Corey having to hold me up when they took the top half of the costume off me and also them putting a blow in my mask for air!
All and all being killed by Luke Skywalker and sent into the Sarlacc pit to be digested for a 1000 yrs is a badge of honor!


- What was it like meeting and working with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill?
Carrie sat next to me on the plane flying to Arizona from LA and was reading Dune and we discussed all the archetypes that go along with the with Star Wars!
She was incredible spirit and always smiling and being funny!
Mark was always so humble and friendly and made us feel welcome and comfortable with everything going on!


- When you look at the Star Wars Universe and see all the fans they know you, have an Autograph, Photos with you and all the things, what do you feel about it?
 I feel grateful and humbled to be part of it and so embraced by all the fans!
It’s incredible!


- Your Gamorrean Guard is available as action figure, did you holding one of this in your hands?
 I acquired quite a collection of figures over the years!


- When you not work as actor and being on Conventions what are you doing?  Play Music?
 I have a recording studio called Gamorrean Sound that I record, mix and master various artist in and I’m also a singer, songwriter and musician!

- Thank you Stephen and when you would you can say some last words to your fans.
 I can’t thank the fans enough for all there passion and commitment and how they embrace us and can’t thank them enough!
I miss going on the road and can’t wait until the conventions open up again!

Gamorrean Sound

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