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Interview with The Thunderbolt, Mr Power Up! Viggen

Ring Name: The Thunderbolt, Mr Power Up! Viggen (Swedish for Thunderbolt)
Date of birth: dec 11 -86
Height / Weight: 178 cm / 90kg
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Debut: Fall 2014
Trained by: Alexander Bäck, Ken Malmsteen, trained with folks like Juice Robinson, Mike Quackenbush, Heimo the Wildman etc..
Finishers/ Signature Moves: Thunderplex, Thunderbomb, Thunderkick


- Let me thank you for doing this interview for the "Pro Wrestling Interview Series Tour 2021".

Thank you very much for writing to me! This is an interesting chance to get more eyes on our nordic scene which otherwise goes largely unnoticed.

- When and how did you get into Pro wrestling?

I got into Pro Wrestling in July 2014, which makes it seven whole years now. That is becoming a lot, a little too quickly if you know what I mean. 

I went to a local show and was enamored with the art form from the very start. The sounds and the feel from close up is something else. The way it gets your heart racing.

From there I had some indecision before I decided to pursue it wholeheartedly. I contacted the local promotion and got to train with them soon after.

- Do you have any previous experience with martial arts from before you became a wrestler or other sports you did?
I've done various martial arts, Japanese JuJutsu, Muay Thai, MMA and more. It was a clear advantage as I was experienced in the falls, the rolls and a lot of the motions, not to mention the physical pain. Other than that, I'd say weight lifting and especially deadlifts have been crucial for my development as far as technique goes. The deadlift is an amazing technique that employs your entire body and I've proven quite adept at it. I am able to almost casually lift grown men, even large heavyweights(!), from the ground and above my head and slam them onto the mat. It is my pride and joy, especially the Thunderplex. A german suplex performed from deadlift into a bridge and a pin. Few can do that, fewer still can do that to just about anyone. 

- Can you still recall your first training sessions?
I remember most of it, but in general it all blends together. Did a lot of basic training there. The worst parts were running the ropes. I had big red welts across my back afterwards.

For the most part, wrestling basics is no different from any other basic martial arts, really. I felt at home with those parts. Understanding the work and how to work light was the challenge.

- How do you remember your first match, what was the feedback and what experience did you take from it?
I do, vividly. Those memories will probably never leave me. I worked under a hood in those days, standing in for another wrestler who got hurt. I remember not seeing much in the periphery because of the mask, the smoke around the entrance and being afraid of my opponent for a short time before I composed myself. The match itself was neither good nor bad, but since our audience is quite incredible it was popular enough. I remember accidentally headbutting my own hand too hard and biting my tongue a little on a big clothesline. To be frank, there wasn't much feedback at all, but I did take a lot of experience from it. Understanding what it is like to stand in the limelight, and now knowing that I had what it took to perform. That was only a few short months into training too. It might have been too soon, but I never let my basics slack and I kept training.

- Do you have a ‚dream opponent‘ you want to fight above all others?
One single dream opponent is hard. But the first one that comes back to mind is Minoru Suzuki. I've long admired him. The honor of getting slapped around by him would be quite something. Not to mention that he would be such a perfect opponent to act as an oppressive heel against me as a babyface. That match would get people engaged, I think. 

- Do you have/ had any Wrestling idols Or Childhoodheroes?
I absolutely adored The Undertaker as a teen. I watched a lot of WWE for a very short period, during the JBL title reign. JBL would talk so much shit, and I just hated him, Then the light went out, and the bell would chime. Suddenly the lights are back and he stands there like a monolith in the ring. People run for their lives, but not JBL who is frozen in fear. Goozle, tombstone. Rest In Peace! I loved it. Rey mysterio, Eddie and others too.

- What are you doing when you not stand inside the ring?
I am a software developer, working full time mostly. As often as I can, I lift weights and train. What little time is left I spend with my fiance and our boston terrier, Huxley. 

- When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you , where can they contact you?
They can find me on my social media (instagram / twitter) as linked above.

- Thank you very much for your time- I wish you much success at your next event´s .Thank you for your time! Stay well! Stay safe!And do you have some words for your fans at the end?
Thank you very much. Best wishes for you as well! My words to the fans are; have a look at the nordic scene. Incredible stand-outs like FCF in Finland and Bodyslam in Denmark just to name two. Give a follow here and there and help us share our small scene! Thank you so much and for all the fans out there; remember to #PowerUp! 

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