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Tracee Lee Cocco Interview with Ensign Jae and many more

Tracee Lee Cocco is known as Actress and for her work as Stunt Perfomer

Beside her work on Star Trek where she received her SAG card, Cocco was also featured as Marla in the daily soap General Hospital and as a regular lifeguard in several episodes of Baywatch.

- Tracee you start your Work in Star Trek The Next Generation 1990 as Stunt Performer and as Ensign Jae. How did you get cast for your role in the Series?

I got the role as LtJae on Startrek when I was filming The movie, Another 48hrs with Eddie Murphy. 


- Were you a Star Trek fan before you got cast?
Yes I was a fan a little bit of ST before I got on the show.


- You work in TNG as Ensign Jae / Crippled Borg Drone / Antican in over 60 episode´s.Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?
My favorite was being on STTNG as well as our 2st movie, Generations, since it was my first time doing a stunt with explosives.


- The Next Generation was only one Step into Star Trek. You also in Deep Space Nine , Voyager , Generations , First Contact, Insurrection and Renegades in many different caracters. What was your personla favorite and why?
I also played 15 different aliens on DS9 and Voyager as well.

- Before you start in Star Trek you worked together with David Hasselhoff from 1989 - 1991 as Lifeguard in "Baywatch". Is there something you can share with us about this time? 
I enjoyed working on Baywatch because it was my first TV roll. It was fun going to work at the beach every day!


- Tracee Lee , Is there something special you would love to do in the future?  A special role or actor to work with? Or maybe a spot in Star Trek Picard?
I would so love to make an appearance on Picard or Strange New Worlds. 

- On IMDb i see many movies coming like "The Last Battleship" , "Side slip" and many more. Is there something special where you are personally looking forward to it?  
I have 3 movies coming out soon, the 1st one is called, Night Mistress and I play the lead bodyguard for the head of the underworld. My name is Jacobi .
The other one is called The Assassins Apprentice and my name is Gwen, retired assassin.
The next one is called Alien Danger and I play an crew member called Vex.
I just got done filming
Staycation it’s a pandemic horror movie and I play a TV news anchor named Diandra Walsh.
In Feb I will be the head ghost in another movie called, 14 Ghosts. 

- Thank you for your time Tracee Lee Cocco! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?
To all my fans, thanks for all your love and support. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here. I totally appreciate everyone of you and I hope to see you all and meet new fans as soon as it’s safe to get back to doing conventions again.


I’m on Twitter 

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My website is

And I sell my autograph pics on there as well. Please give me some love on my social media. And use the #bringbackLtjae
I need all your help to get me back on Startrek!!! I love you all, please stay safe, and wear a mask so we all can hug again! 

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