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Interview with William Hart - The Walking Dead Walker

Today my guest is William Hart. Best known for his appearance as the Walker that bit Hershel Greene in the Season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead. In addition to acting, he also does stunts, special effects, web design, and much more.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with


-William,how did you get picked to play a walker in The Walking Dead TV show?

Haha, funny story actually. I saw the zombie call posted on facebook and applied between classes. My firs class of the day had been cut short, I had time to kill. Literally as soon as the professor in my next class started lecturing, I got the call to run for the farm (season 2 finale episode). Needless to say, I didn't look back and flew. It was amazing walking onto the set of my favorite show for the first time. They wanted loads of zombies, 95 of us were out there, I was a late call and the last through wardrobe. As I pulled in, I had to wait for a horde of zombies to cross the road so I could get to the parking area. I was home.



-Have you had much interaction with the main cast and crew? Do you have any interesting behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

I've seen and met so many awesome people on set, but it's Chandler that really stands out. Season two finale it was 25 degrees out and incredibly cold. I watched Chandler's PA bring him hand warmers and a jacket and that sweet kid turned to the closest shivering female zombie and handed them to her. What a little gentleman. Aside from that, I have had a few run ins with Andrew around town. He is always incredibly nice and doesn't seem to forget a face, which is surprising through all that makeup.



-Can you tell us about the makeup application process? What was the longest it’s taken for them to prepare you for a scene?

The makeup process is mostly stream lined, every artist has a station and the assembly line it. The hero zombies get special attention, but the entire process is actually surprisingly fast. The prosthetics are made in La and basically just glued on then colored. There was a hold up as the shape of my mouth is apparently different than any of the treys they had, after trying them all, poly dent was used when they put a fake set of chompers on me.



-Which episodes have you appeared in? What was your role in those episodes?

I have been multiple episodes since the season two finale, 3-4 in season 3, 1 in season 4. In the few seconds of screen time it's really hard to spot us much of the time.



-William ,people known you as the Walker that bit Hershel Greene in the Season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead. How was the moment for yourself?

Really bittersweet, Hershel was my favorite character and until I saw him on set later in the season, I had no idea I hadn't ended him. My thinking at the time was, well if it's gotta be someone...


-Do you want to play in The Walking Dead an other role as an walker? Maybe a guy in Alexandria?


I no longer live in Atlanta, I have moved to the opposite coast and am pursuing other financial ventures as we finish up some background work on a production a friend wrote.


-William,Are you currently working on any other projects?

At this point I am working with partners in multiple states to get our own production studio up and running. My old friend Orion McHugh has written a fantastic surrealistic horror flick that we are working to finance so we can cast, shoot and edit the film. It will likely get released at a film festival.


-At the last some words for our readers and your Fans?

Thanks to all of yall for tuning in, start pushing with your local convention promoters to bring me over. I have long wanted a European tour, it would be super cool to see what a German comic convention was like.


Thank you very much and maybe we see us some day in germany.

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