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Vada Callisto Interview

Vada Callisto is an actress and writer, known for Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm, Divide & Conquer (2021) and Blanket Fort: Vada Gets Toxic (2016)

- Hello Vada and thank you for your time for the Fans. 


* Hello Bernd and friends! Thank you for this chat!

- You startet your acting in 2008 in series like "Judge Jeanine Pirro". When was the time you know you want to be an actress?


* I fell in love with the lights and camera when I was around seven years old and a local restaurant offered me chocolate brownie and ice cream to smile for their television commercial. I still require these brownies and ice creams to show up anywhere!

- Working as an actress puts you in public, what are your first fan experiences?

* Having toured as road manager for a metal band for a few years in my youth exposed me to fan interactions like signing guitars for people for ( I had to ask if he was sure) or people give you all sorts of neat little gifts or keepsakes to remember them by. There was wrestling manager days and I signed photographs and, high fived the kids and took photos with them. With the Troma crowd there are a lot of people who come to meet Lloyd Kaufman and buy his films so just sort of tell some people which films I like that got me into Troma and take photographs with The Toxic Avenger of course!

- 2016 you write and work in "Blanket Fort: Vada Gets Toxic" an Horrormovie together with Ari Lehman known as the First Jason Voorhees in the Paramount Classic Horror Film "Friday the 13th" and many other. What can you tell us about?


*Yes! Ari was great! It was this little adventure where I go to try and find Toxie the Monster Hero at this convention and all these things keep happening along the way! You meet some people and lose others. It was a last minute thing. Everything that could have gone wrong while doing it did. I shot a lot of it on my laptop camera. Ha! It was based off and in the style of a web series I was Co-Creator and Producer of called BLANKET FORT.

- 2020 you get a role in Lloyd Kaufman´s "Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm". What can you tell us about?


* I am sorry to correct you but I must! The title of the film actually includes the hashtag as part of the title so it is called #ShakespearesShitstorm . I play PUCK! A magical character. She's one of The Bad Girls. The film is based off of Shakespeare's Tempest and tackles many issues of the moment like opioid crisis, millennials, cancel culture. There are great musical numbers in it too. All the good times you expect from Troma with a sexy Shakespearean twist.

- In #Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm  you also work as Art Production Assistant ,thats right?


*YES! My art guys were the best! Chopping fake green drugs, painting headboards, designing and painting a wheelchair, painting shopping carts, cutting money, and decorating a dining hall together. Wiping fake poo from actor person's faces during test runs. It was a great time with new friends and other filmmakers who have a passion of creating. I learned a lot in 100°f heat, on almost no sleep, defacating into our rationed one paper bag. 

- You making appearances at such conventions as Motor City Nightmares, Monster Mania and Indy Pop Con to name a important is it to you to have close contact with the fans?


*To be able to high five, laugh at some jokes, talk about our favorite things, take photos and give hugs to those that want them is just the best! Seeing friends and meeting new ones is great! Right, bestie?

- Is there a role or series you would love to work on in the future or an actor/actress you would want to work with?


*Kurt Sutter or Ryan Murphy? What is James L. Brooks doing? 

- Are you currently working on any interesting movie or series that you can reveal to us? 


* Director @MercedesTheMuse is in Post-Production with her new TROMA film , titled DIVIDE & CONQUER , that is Produced by Lloyd Kaufman. It is a new take on feminism. Men will be shocked, women will understand. My character is queer. Very queer. A trailer will be released soon so keep your eyes on my Twitter @vadacallisto , or Lloyd's @lloydkaufman 

- In closing, some words to your fans?


*You can start your day over at anytime. <3 

- Thank you so much Vada Callisto for your time. It is a great pleasure. 


*Danke Bernd. 

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