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Vincent M Ward Interview

"The fans are great and always show you love"

Vincent M. Ward is known for his work on The Walking Dead , Death House  and True Blood and many many more.

- How did you get your role as Oscar in the AMC Series The Walking Dead ?
I got the part Oscar through video audition..In the audition I played an inmate trying to hide a family picture from the CO


- Oscar , did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to
your casting as Member of the prison gang in The Walking Dead?

I had never seen the show nor heard of the graphic novel..I just try to give 100% no matter what the part or show is..


- Working with Norman Reedus , Andrew Lincoln or one of the Maincast Members will be a dream for every TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?
Everyone was very nice and professional...I didn't know any of them...As a professional actor myself, I dont view other actors the same way fans may view them.


- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?
I never knew Andrew Lincoln was British for 2 months until he broke character finally at dinner and I was so shocked to hear his British accent,,,



- Please finish the following sentence: “Looking back at working on The Walking Dead …”
Looking back at working on the Walking dead was a cool experience, but my time was up and time to move on with my career..


- With a role in TWD comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first The Walking Dead fan experiences?
The fans are great and always show you love...Thank you very much foks..


- TWD was just a step in your career, you also worked in "Trueblood" , "NCIS" , "2 Broke Girls" and so many more. What was your personal highlight so far?
As an actor you're just happy to be working because this is a tough business, so I never put one project over another one...Im just grateful the project picked me..


- Vincent you have so many Post-,Pre-, and announed movies in progress. Where are you most looking forward to?
Im looking forward to me creating my own projects and being my own BOSS, so I can help others create there's as well


- Is there any dream role or actor/actress you would loved to work in the future?
No dreams, just reality.. Staying true to myself and surrounding myself with loyal hard working people..


- Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead Fans and your fans know?
Thank you for your support and be on the look out on what I have planned...Updates on my social media... Stay safe and thanks again


- Thank you Vincent M. Ward for your time and i hope to see you one day in Germany too.

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