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Interview with Adrienne Wilkinson - Between Star Trek and Star Wars


Today my Guest is this blue-eyed beauty, born in Missouri.Please Welcome Adrienne Wilkinson.
-Thank you Adrienne be my guest here to answer some Questions for the Fans.

Thank you for having me. 


-Adrienne ,you plays Captain Lexxa Singh, leader of the Renegades, and descendant of Khan, in the new Star Trek series Star Trek: Renegades.How do you get this role?

I think you would need to ask the producers for all of the details, but the short version is that the writer had me in mind when he was creating the character/writing the script.  He had been a fan of my work on Xena and felt that I could bring something interesting to the role.    He threw my name in the hat and it came my way.   I of course, jumped at the chance to play a Star Trek Captain and and to work with such legends. 


-You are a Star Trek fan before "Renegades"?

I was certainly aware of Trek and had seen a few episodes and a couple of the films, but was still fairly new to the world of Trek.   


-You had ,from my opinion, the pleasure to work with Star Trek Legends like Walter Koenig , Nichelle Nichols and many many more Star Trek Actors. How does it feel?

The entire cast was lovely to work with.  Really inspirational -  wonderful people as well as great artists. 


-But you are not only work in the Star Trek Universe, you also get started in the (voice) acting business for Star Wars The Force Unleashed?

I was the physical model and the voice for Maris Brood.  It was all motion capture and we shot it like a film.   I landed the role for a variety of reason, but it included that i looked a lot like the initial concept art they had for the project.   It is incredibly cool to have an animated character who looks just like you... not to mention the action figures, the cos players etc  - Maris is one of my favorite roles I've ever played.  I would love to see more of her in the Star Wars Universe. 


-Maris Brood or Lexxa Singh, which one is more like Adrienne and why?

Those characters are incredibly similar.  They both start out as purely good character, but their tortured lives lead them to go to the 'dark side'...and yet both of them have redeeming qualities as they are both stories of redemption and salvaging their past and thriller loved ones, more than being stories of pure revenge.   There motives are justified which makes them easy to root for even if they are also considered 'bad'.   


-You also played in many movies and series as well, Suspense, Pretty the Series , Venice and many many more. Is there any dream role you looking for?

Yes, I've done some fun projects the last few years.  Suspense is an ongoing radio drama, it airs on nearly 300 stations around the world but can also be found on iTunes.   Pretty The Series and Club5160 can both be found online at these are both comedy series, one taking place in the world of beauty pageants and the other in the world on interventions, and venice can be found at  Venice is a Emmy Winning Soap Opera and I'm sure you'll recognize most of the cast.  I play a bit of a con-artist, which is fun....until it isn't  :).      


-Lets talk about future projects.On IMGb i can see some new projects, Star Trek Renegades continues and Seedless. What will we see in this films from you?

This will be a fun year for me.  I am working on several new projects and yes, I have several projects that have wrapped and will be released this year.   Seedless takes place in Silicon Valley, I play a very successful venture capitalist who uses her power to manipulate those around her to get what she wants.     Yes, we have 2 new episodes of Renegades  that will be out this year.    It is a 2 part production that wraps up Walter Koenig's iconic character.   It is a beautiful and powerful story that I think the fans will love.     I have a feature film called A Burning Dog that also starts Greg Grunberg and Salvatore Xerbe, it is a heist film that is shot like a video game - I adore this film and cannot wait for it to come out.    I also have a brilliant new web series called Sidetracked that willl have 8 episodes available later this year.    Those are the ones I can talk about...but we also have a few juicy surprises in the works, so check my website for more details.  We'll announce when we can.    


-At the last you can say some words for the Fans in Germany and the world?

Thanks so much for the interest and support.  I hope you'll check out my website and keep up to date on all the latest news I have going on.

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