Andee Frizzell - Interview with the Stargate Atlantis Wraith Queen

Welcome and Stargate Fans,
today my guest is Andee Frizzell

Andee Frizzell is an actress, known for The Wraith Queen in Sargate Atlantis (2004-2008) The Sounds of Earth (2006), Devour - Der schwarze Pfad (2005) and The Seamstress (2009).

Hello Andee and thank you for your time for the Fans.


-Thank you so much Bernd for inviting me to chat with you today.

-Andee you was a part of Stargate Atlantis.From 2004 - 200 you played the Wraith Queen. How was is for yourself in this times?


-Filming Stargate Atlantis was very exciting. I was introducing a new character, a new race to a much beloved series. It was like being handed a sci-fi legacy and bequeathed with the responsibility of continuing that story. 

-Your last Stargate job is some years ago, do you miss the Cast and the series?


-I miss the cast and crew very much. Days on set, while filming a series, can be very long and sometimes difficult (especially in full prosthetics), the cast and crew become very close, like an extended family.


When the filming is over, everyone moves on to different projects and it may be sometime before you find yourself working with them again. But its like a little SGA reunion when you do get the chance to cross paths again, which is wonderful.


I miss the series as well. I feel like there were so many more stories left to tell; so many more exciting adventures to follow with new twists and turns to develop. The writers of SGA are so talented; I wonder just where they could have taken our characters.


-Do you still have contact to some of the Stargate Cast?


-I am so lucky and blessed to have been part of a show that has such a loyal fan base and because of these amazing loyal fans, we, the cast of SGA, are invited to many conventions. I get to reunite with my incredible fellow actors, to celebrate our characters and the show, many times a year.


The cast of SGA is reuniting once again this October, on the Sci-fi and Beyond, boat cruise in the Bahamas. Not only will my fellow cast mates be there, but there will be many other great actors from SG and Star Trek.


I can’t wait to see everyone, especially the fans. 

-When Stargate makes another TV Series or Movie will you return as Wraith when they ask?


- I would be honored to resurrect my character if asked to! 

-Andee you are not only a Stargate Actor you also in many series and movies like
"Supernatural" , Flash Gordon , Andromeda and many many more. Whats your personal highlight so far?


- I have enjoyed playing multiple characters, for multiple shows. I couldn’t really pick one favorite. Every show and character had its challenges and highlights. It would be so hard to narrow it down to one favorite. 

-In "The Seamstress" you played also The Seamstress , whats the differnce between SyFy and Horrormovies for yourself?


-There are the obvious differences in the way these two genre’s are written and filmed but I think at the heart of the stories, there isn’t that much difference.


Horror films expose us to what we are afraid of and Sci-fi opens us up to the unknown, which can also be very, very scary.


Have you seen my characters teeth? Very, very scary. LOL

- How many Andee do you put into your role´s in Series and Movie´s?


-As human beings, we are multifaceted and so are the characters that writers create; that’s what gives the character believability, is its relatability.


So I think every character I have played, even the aliens and the dead, have a little of me in there. I approach every character as its own being, with its own desires and needs but basically we could say, we are all looking for the same things really. 

- When you not work for TV you teaches Yoga,thats right?


-Yes. I have been teaching yoga for about 16 years now. I feel yoga keeps me grounded and present in a business that can be very unbalanced at times. 

-What are your plans for the future ? Is there something you work at right now?


-My plans are to keep doing exactly what I am doing right now, creating memorable characters and telling stories. 

-At the last some words to your fans?


-What I would like to say to my fans and all fans, is thank you. Thank you for continuing to watch our show, love or hate our characters and for keeping their stories alive with your interest in them. My gratitude goes out to you all. 

-Thank you Andee Frizzell and i hope to meet you one day in germany.


-Thank you Bernd, for the chance to connect with your readers and SGA fans in Germany! I would love the opportunity to visit beautiful Germany and meet you one day also.