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Ring name : Angel Hayze
Date Of Birth : 12th May 2001
Height : 5 ft 1
Weight : 54kg
Birthplace : Glasgow, Scotland
Debut : 18th March 2016
Trained by : Kid Fite and Sammii Jayne
Finishers/Signature Moves : Slingblade, Superkick, Spear


When and how did you get into pro wrestling? - This is probably an answer you hear a lot with this type of question but my cousins introduced me to it when I was around seven or eight. I remember staying at their house and them waking me up early so that we could go downstairs and watch the previous nights episode of SmackDown together. Before then I had only ever heard people talking about wrestling but from the first time I watched it I was completely drawn in. It became a big part of my life from then on and I decided it was something I would like to do myself.


Did your friends and family support your decision or were they rather sceptic? - My parents have been supper supportive of me since day one and I’m so grateful for that. Other than my parents nobody else really believed that it would last long, they all thought it would just be a phase because of how young I was. When I started wrestling more often a lot of my friends became frustrated that I didn’t have time to see them any more but they’re a lot more supportive now that they realise how much it means to me.

Can you recall your first training sessions? - The first time I went to training I went with a girl I went to school with because she was already training with PBW Academy and I never knew that I could start training as young as I was at the time. After 2 weeks the girl I was going with quit and I got really disheartened and seriously considered not going back but I knew that it was something I really wanted to do. After that I would say I became a lot more nervous about going than when I originally started because I never knew anyone there.


And what was it like to wrestle in front of a live crowd for the first time? Were you nervous? - Getting to wrestle in front of a live crowd for the first time is an experience I will never forget, the adrenaline rush you get after it is unexplainable. I was of course nervous but I got to make my debut with someone who was one of my best friends at the time so that definitely helped calm my nervous a bit.

Do you have a ‘dream opponent’ you want to fight above all the others? - There’s a lot of girls in the UK I would love the chance to work with. Two of them being Viper and Kasey Owens. I think getting to work both of them would be great as they have both done a lot around the world so it would be a good learning experience as they have a lot of knowledge to pass on.

Do you have pro wrestling idols, maybe people who have influenced your in-ring style? Or childhood heros? - Growing up AJ Lee was always my favourite but when I started training I began looking more at girls from the UK not as hero’s but as people who I inspire to be as successful as.

Wrestling fans love funny or thrilling road stories. Do you have one for us that you can share? - I have a lot of funny stories from being on the road but they’re not entirely appropriate to say here, so sadly I think I’ll have to keep them to myself haha

When a booker or company from your country or around the world will book you where can they contact you? - I can be contacted via email at or at @AngelHayzeUK on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Do you have any words for your fans? Thank you for all your support! Make sure to stick around in 2019 because it’s going to be my year.


Interview with Angel Hayze

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