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Interview with Ashton Woolen  - Over 10 times Walker


Thanks for taking the time to talk with Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit about your work on The Walking Dead?

Hey, no problem! My name is Ashton Woolen. I'm 22, an avid skydiver, gamer, actor and film lover.


-Ashton,how did you get picked to play a walker in The Walking Dead TV show?

I have always been into film. From watching the behind the scenes of every movie to making my own and doing freelance videography. I always wanted to be behind the camera and be a part of the 'movie magic', but as I gained experience on set I started to enjoy being on the other side. Due to my interest in film, I checked a lot o different film & videography sites daily. One of them had a 2 sentence posting asking for super slender people to apply for The Walking Dead.

Before this I had never been in front of the camera but I loved the production and I wanted to be on set no matter what. I got a call asking me to come film what turned out to be the highway scene in season 2, the next day. Apparently I did something right because they keep calling me back after 5 years.



-Have you had much interaction with the main cast and crew? Do you have any interesting behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

Most of my interaction with the main cast happens when they are killing me, or practicing to kill me but I do end up talking with them during down times or play with their dogs which are usually on set with them. It's really awesome working with the crew because I usually see those same crew members working on other productions so it's like I'm always bumping into friends or someone I know. There's a lot of stories to pick through over the past 5 years! I'll chose a recent one.

Back on season 4, episode 10 I'm eating some delicious guts when Norman Reedus (Daryl) comes and stabs me in the head. Afterwards I'm supposed to fall down dead, but he asked the directors if after he stabbed me, that he can throw me down into the guts. They were a bit hesitant but eventually said "ummm, how about on the last take so we don't mess up the makeup." They ended up using that take in the final cut.

-Can you tell us about the makeup application process?


The makeup is a very tedious but beautiful art form. The KNB FX team is absolutely stellar at what they do and I am honored to be a canvas for their work. Usually my favorite times on set is when I'm in the FX trailers because I love hanging out with those guys.



-What was the longest it’s taken for them to prepare you for a scene? -Which episodes have you appeared in?

I think the longest has been 2 and a half hours. If it's a day where I wear dentures it usually takes a lot longer because my teeth like to not make good molds. I haven't done a scene without a shirt on and that adds another 2 hours of makeup because there is a lot more skin to cover up. I've worked on seasons 2-(maybe)5. I say maybe for legal reasons. Season 2 in episodes 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, & 13 Did a commercial for the show/Samsung/Bing & a Good Morning America interview for Halloween. Season 3 in episode 1 Season 4 in episodes 3, 6, 10, & 14. Season 5 you will have to wait and see!



-I saw you in 7 episodes? What was your role in those episodes?

I've only been in a little over 10 episodes but some of them I have been up to 4 different zombies in the same one. I think one of my favorites was in season 2 after the barn walkers are killed, I was thrown in the truck and my arm falls off so Andrea picks it up and throws it on top of me. Over the course of time i have been shot by Glenn twice, Shot in the head by Carol at the prison, got my head chopped in half by Michonne, stabbed with an arrow by Daryl, and failed as a Walker when i lunged for the Governor and fell to the curb. Someone actually made a funny meme about that.

- You work for now 5 years for TWD but also for other project like 3 Hunger Games Movies, whats you part in this films?


In Catching Fire I was a District 12 Resident, Hob Vendor, and a coal miner. Unfortunately about a weeks worth of shooting never made it to the final cut, but you can still see me as a coal miner walking next to Liam Hemsworth. In Mockingjay Part 1 I was a District 5 Rebel. (spoiler alert) As we marched to the damn to blow it up singing the hanging tree song, you can see me front and center of the line marching towards the camera. It's also helpful that I was the tallest. Fun fact about the hanging tree song. Those are actually the voices of us from District 5. We spent an entire day learning and recording it. I'll never be able to forget the words. Can't tell you about Mockingjay Part 2 yet but I know it will be amazing. It was a wonderful series to work on and I'm sad that it's done.



-Are you currently working on any other projects?

Currently no. I usually take a break over winter. It gets really cold, we have Christmas and New Years and I usually take a vacation or two. I'm just counting down the days until October for Goosbumps to come out. I was very featured as a Bug-Eyed Alien.


-Do you want to play in The Walking Dead an other role as an walker? Maybe a guy in Alexandria?

That's a question I have never been asked before! I think just one day it would be fun to be alive, just to switch it up. Maybe kill a walker. I may or may not be in Alexandria, alive or dead, but you will have to wait and see!


-At the last some words for our readers and your Fans?


Thank you very much and maybe we see us some day in Germany.

I would love to come and see you guys in Germany! If I ever get invited to a Con there I will gladly come. I actually have a trip planned in June to visit a couple countries in Europe but unfortunately not Germany. That's on my list though! The TWD family is strong and I love all the friends and experiences I have made during my time working on it. Thank you all for supporting the show!

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