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Bria Roberts - Between Jedi and Guinness World Records

Bria Roberts is an American actress and stunt performer known for Guinness World Records Unleashed, 1000 Ways To Die, and She Wants Me.
In the Star Wars Universe she is also known for her work in Exile: A Star Wars Story (Short) as Jedi J .

- Thank you Bria for being my guest here to answer some Questions for the Fans.

Hi Bernd! It's my pleasure! Thank you for having me.

- Bria, you play Jedi J in the Star Wars Short Film "Exile". How did you get this role?

When I heard about Exile, I was like "I wanna be in this!"  I've always loved films with action, and characters that have an edge.  I was ecstatic about the idea of playing a jedi.  At any given time, there are so many films and shows that are in the process of casting, but this particular one really stood out to me, and I knew I wanted to be in it.  So I prayed about it.  I submitted a video audition, and was invited to have a second audition in person.  It went really well. 


However, I wasn't exactly what they were looking for at that time.  Bummer! Or so I thought.  My friend then also prayed for me and told me that he was asking that Christ would give me a role in it.  While I was at the gym, Noel, one of the producers and directors, called me and offered me the role of Jedi J.  I was really excited and blessed! I had a blast with Noel, Pokey, Philip, and the rest of the cast and crew on set.  And wow were the costumes cool!  It was very, very cold in the forest but we had a lot of laughs. 


The directors were professional and fun, and Philip Michael actually coordinated the stunts on the spot, which turned out superb.  We've had a lot of compliments about the opening battle scene.  After editing was finished, the film premiered in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Australia, and screened in many places, including the UK.  Exile won 3 awards and was nominated for another.  Yay!

- What is the movie about?

The film is primarily about a Jedi Master and her Padawan fleeing from the evil Galactic Empire.  The Inquisitor, who is quite vicious and dark, is hunting the jedi.  My character, Jedi J, has a back-story that isn't explained thoroughly in the film, but left for the audience to wonder.  She is the love interest of Quinlan Vos, except they had a falling out.  When she first appears, viewers cannot tell whether she is good or evil, jedi or sith, whether she's there to help Quinlan or to fight him.  Exile is loaded with action, romance, and a bit of gore.  Speaking of gore, I swallowed quite a lot of fake blood during the shoot!  


- You are a Star Wars fan before?

Even as a child, I liked Star Wars, but I'm not one of the hardcore fans that knows all of the books, details, costumes, and characters. I'm not quite at that level! haha. I enjoy the films though, and I particularly adore the cute robots like BB8 and R2D2.  I would totally have my own BB8 as a pet!  


- How much of Bria is in the Role of Jedi J?

Hmmm Jedi J is a lot darker than my typical personality.  She doesn't really have a goofy, playful side to her.  She's very serious, quiet, and battle-focused.  So for filming, I put on my stone-cold no-jokes po-po-po-poker face!  The directors were lenient to allow me to play around with her expressions and reactions, so we had different takes to get it just right.  As stunt coordinator Philip Michael kindly pointed out at the Q&A, Jedi J's movements were totally Bria (strange physicality in the battle scene).  Cweepy! 

- But you not only work in the Star Wars Universe, you're also in Guinness World Records Unleashed as
Jump Roper with Leg Behind Head. What can you tell us about?

There's so much to say!! I've discussed it in a few interviews but I'll add some extra details   The first time that I was invited to compete for a Guinness World Record was in 2013.  I had just finished listening to a sermon about when Jesus opens doors, no one can shut them.  So I prayed that God would open a door for me for something big in entertainment. 


I received the call for Guinness right after that, and was happy, and knew it was from Him.  However, I was so scared! I had never jumped rope with my leg behind my head.  I could barely even stand with my leg behind my head.


  I really wanted the record but also didn't want to fall on my face in front of the whole world.  The day of filming, I was nervous to the point of being sick. (#frownyface!)  I waited in the green room with a variety of people who were preparing for their attempts.   When I did the attempt and broke the record, I was PSYCHED!  Totally psyched!! It was reeeeally a great, joyful moment.  (if you've seen it, you can probably tell by all my squealing and jumping!)  I was on the premiere episode.  Jesus Christ did something incredible for me.  



- Is there a role or series you would love to work on in the future?

So many! I like intense roles (such as vigilantes, villains, assassins, emotionally unstable characters, heroes) and the over-the-top goofy roles.  Also, anything that involves combat, is a blast!  I'm very active and I like athletically challenging jobs.  

- Bria you also worked in Movies like Spiderman 3, She wants me,1000 ways to die and many more.What will we see next from you?

Welllll, 2016 was a wonderful year for me and the Lord Jesus made many of my dreams come true. I was part of some big shows (including the Today Show! and others), and had so much fun.  This year, 2017, I've been doing a few live shows in Los Angeles, and hosting Call of Duty videos on my new gaming channel called BwiaBee.  I've been developing some new skills (athletic, stunts, and contortion) that are whacky!  :D  I've also been working on new music (I sing and compose).  I had to turn down a few offers this year due to certain circumstances, so I figure I'll play around with other things in the meantime.   

- At the last you can say some words for the Fans in Germany and the world?

Hiiiiii!  Thank you for your support!  I hope to continue entertaining you!  Feel free to reach out, I usually respond to social media messages/comments, unless you're totally creepy!  Or a hater. Aint nobody got time fo that hahaha  But on the real, I appreciate you guys. If you like gaming, check out my BwiaBee channel!!  If you have dreams and goals, no matter how much you've been discouraged, rejected, or made fun of (like I was and still have been), trust in God's grace through Jesus Christ to make the promises in His Word come to pass in your life. He is amazing.  Thanks for having me Bernd!  Toodles!!

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