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Cela Scott Interview with Lexxa´s Mother from Star Trek Renegades

Cela Scott is known for her work on Star Trek: Renegades , Death Valley  and Best Fake Friends and many more.


- Thank you Cela Scott for your spontaneous commitment. Can you introduce yourself please?


Hey everyone! It’s great to be included in The Entertainment Junkie. I’m an actor and musician, based in Los Angeles.


- How did you get your role in ‪Star Trek Renegades as Lexxa's (Adrienne Wilkinson) Mother?


I had a role in the dark comedy Dick Dickster (2019), in which Tim Russ had a part as well. You can stream the movie if you want to see Tim and I getting into some ridiculous shenanigans!


Tim and I both write music, play guitar and sing, so we hit it off during filming. He noticed that I had a resemblance to Adrienne, and wanted me to play the part of her character’s mother, seen in flashbacks to her childhood, in Renegades.


- Cela ,did you watch ‪Star Trek Series prior to your casting ?


Hell yes. My dad was a fan of the original series, and my brothers and I would watch re-runs with him. Then we continued watching Next Generation, and the movies. Definitely been a Trekkie since a little kid.


- Working with Walter Koenig , Manu Intiraymi, Robert Picardo or Tim Russ will be a dream for

every Star Trek Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?


It was a bucket list item to be a part of the Star Trek universe. Tim is just one of the kindest and most talented guys out there, and we’re currently working together on a new sci-fi project I can’t say much about yet!


I didn’t film with Manu or Robert, but I met Walter at the screening. He’s very gracious in person, and I love how committed he was to this fan-funded project. But I will never get over hearing him speak with an American accent.


- What was the best thing or the funniest moment about working on Set?Is there something special you can share with us?


It was a great honor to create the theme song for the show. You can see the original music video we shot, directed by Tim! My band Automatik Eden wrote the music, and the words are from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley.


The creators of the show charged us with writing a song based on the poem, which is important to Captain Lexxa’s survival throughout the Renegades story-especially the lines, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”.


- But you not only work in ‪Star Trek, you played in Death Valley with Katrina Law (Arrow) , Best Fake Friends and many other Series and Movies. Whats your personal Highlight so far?


I’m so proud of Katrina, who’s now starring on Hawaii Five-0 on CBS! I’ve enjoyed every project I’ve been a part of. I consider myself a character actor, so my favorite roles to play are the parts that require the most transformation.


- 2018 you work in Christopher Ray´s "Dick Dickster" as Peaches Ripen, what can you tell us about the movie and your role?

The hilarious Bobby Ray Shafer (The Office) wrote and stars in the film. I play the role of a fledgling porn star with some serious “daddy issues”. It’s all a crazy romp about people’s obsession with fame and identity. The movie is more progressive than it may immediately sound, boasting many strong female characters! My band also ended up having our track Citadel featured in the film.


- Is there a role or series you would love to work on in the future?


I love Sci-Fi and I’m always interested in what’s going on  in that world. I always love to combine acting and music whenever possible.


- Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series that you can reveal?

I recently shot another sci-fi project with Tim that I’m not allowed to share much about – yet!


I’m in a wild neo noir feature called Deader Than You’ll Ever Be, playing a mysterious Swiss criminal, slated for 2020 release. DJ Kracked Aktor is providing the very cool music for the film. If you check out his website you can see some modeling I did for his album, some pretty fun looks.


- When you not work as actress you also sing in a Band calles "Automatik Eden" an Alternative Rock Band, thats right?


That’s right! Automatik Eden is the brainchild of myself and my husband David. We have a lot of influences, ranging from the Beatles to Radiohead, Massive Attack and The Pretenders. You can stream our songs on all the platforms out there, and we’ll be releasing a high-energy rocking new track, Not Your Girlfriend, this fall.


- Is there anything else you would like to let Star Trek Renegades Fans and your fans know?

I just love how committed people still are to Star Trek. What a phenomenon that has turned out to be! I think of myself a “nerd”, which to me means someone who isn’t embarrassed to show how passionate they are about something. It’s nice to know there are other “nerds” or "junkies" out there who are as into this stuff as I am! Let’s own it!




Stream “Dick Dickster”


Tim Russ’s band, The Tim Russ Crew


Star Trek Renegades official theme song music video by Automatik Eden:


Automatik Eden


DJ Kracked Aktor


Instagram: @celascott



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