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Interview with Don Teems - The Walking Dead Walker and more

Bernd: First , it is a pleasure to have you Don Teems here for , thank you.



Bernd: Tell us a bit about yourself, your involvement with the show and how long you've been professionally acting?


Don: well i am a Dj here in Georgia and on the side i do a little acting. i have been involved with the show since season 3 and i have been acting on and off for around 5 years.


Bernd: How did you get The Walking Dead gig?


Don: Norman Reedus...i ran into him at a convention and season 1 had aired and season 2 was almost finished filming.i had not seen the show but he told me how much fun it was to work on and he gave me the number for casting after we chatted about the show. i called and basically said norm sent me and off i went to zombie school.

Bernd: -Give me a day in your life as zombie on the set?


Don: well you arrive on set in whatever you are wearing ..which sometimes is pajamas check in and sign your waver then you wait for wardrobe call and go get your outfit for the day.

then you wait for make up..if you are a hero zombie which means prosthetics and contacts and maybe teeth as well then make up takes around 2 hrs. then you sometimes are whisked straight to set. right into the 100 degree ga heat in the summertime.

but i actually prefer the prosthetics because i get less sunburned with those and its just more fun.we usually work 12 to 14 hour days on average. contorting and crawling around being zombies but time flies when you are on this set so it doesnt feel that long.

Bernd: Why do you think The Walking Dead has secured a cult-like fan base after just one short six-episode season?


Don: well it already had quite a huge comic book based following so naturally that carried over into the show but then it took on a life of its own with lots of new fans just really getting into this awesome show.i think it will be around untill kirkman is old and grey if he chooses to go that long.

Bernd: At the last something so say to TWD and Don Teems Fans?


Don: Thank You for the support and i appreciate the zombie love



Bernd: Thank You very much,it was a great pleasure for me.

Bernd: Don you played a Zombie but you also worked in many other Movies and TV Series like Drop Dead Diva , The Hunger Games , The Vampire Diaries and many more. What was your Favorite rule so far?


Don: favorite other than TWD would be working on Trouble With the curve. Clint Eastwood is the man! really enjoyed meeting and talking with him.

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