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Married with Children - 30 Years - Interview with E.E.Bell

E.E. Bell (born Edward Earle Bell; December 27, 1955) is an American comic actor best known for his role as Bob Rooney on the
sitcom Married... with Children. He also had a recurring role as Barney the security guard in the Nickelodeon sketch comedy
series The Amanda Show

-Thank you being a part of "30 Years-Married with Children" Mr.Bell



30 years ago the TV Series starts and still the world is watching. Can you believe that?


Yes I can. Funny is Funny.


You are not from the beginning a part of the Cast but as Member of  NO MA'AM every Fan knows you as Bob. Come Fans still to you an know you for this role?

Yes, I get recognized all the time as Bob Rooney



20 Years ago the TV Series with Al Bundy ends. Have you right know contact to some one of the Cast?

I stay in touch with Tom McLeister who plays Ike.


-What was the most funniest moment you remember of the show? 

With the years in-between and my lousy memory it all blends into one great warm memory of fun people and funny work.


Reboots,Remakes and new Seasons in TV Series coming more and more, when Married with Children makes one more Season, will you come back?

Ed O’Neil has stated the “Any new Married with Children will start over Al’s dead body!”. 

As or me, Bob Rooney  would be happy to attend the funeral.

But unfortunately NO MA’AM without Al is like the Solar System without The Sun. 

So I doubt I will ever have that pleasure.


-What do you right know, some good Movies or Series in progress with you?

I just finished a few days on The Coen Brothers new TV Series The allied of Buster Scruggs. It is a non speaking part but I think it will be a fun show.


-At the last you can say some words to the fans worldwide?

Just say NO MA’AM!

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