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Erick Avari - Interview - Stargate - I have a dream to finally play the role of “real life”

Erick Avari was born on April 13, 1952 in Darjeeling, India. His credits include leading roles in films from Kevin Reynolds' cult classic Bestie Krieg (1988) to commercial megahits such as Stargate (1994), Independence Day (1996) and many many more.


Thank you being my guest for this Interview Erick Avari, it is a great pleasure for me.



- To get started, can you tell us about how you got involved in Stargate the Movie 1994?


I was sent the script via my agents and it was a page turner for sure. I loved it but I had to go back an re read it as I thought I might have overlooked the role of Kasuf except for the very end when the character leads the charge to overthrow Ra and “save the day”. I was saddened to find I was not mistaken but my agents assured me that the directors were most interested in actors who could bring the role to life and were interested in seeing actors with a strong background in improvisation. With that in mind I went for the audition with the intention of having fun but with very little expectation of getting the role as they wanted an actor at least 20 years my senior. I’m glad I did!


- 1998 the Stargate Series starts and we see you again as Kasuf. When you look back to the Series, the movie and the cast, is there something you particularly remember?


 I was met with open arms when I walked in the set of SG1 and with a number of questions about the filming of the movie. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt with the entire cast as it felt like a continuation and a seamless transition into the series. Perhaps the only big change was the decision to drop the ancient Egyptian language and have the character of Kasuf speaking English instead. I certainly understood the reason for this change as it would have been very cumbersome to have an interpreter on set to assist in any add libs my character may have wanted to add or for that matter, the mountain of work it took to speak the language phonetically.



- Did the fans still recognize you as Kasuf from Stargate?

 I seem to get recognized for different things I have played in from film, TV and even a video game. Ha Ha.

- When I look at your list of movies and series there is not many you don´t work for. Do you still have a dream of a movie or series you would love to play?


I have a dream to finally play the role of “real life”. I have been working through all my adult life and it was only after I injured my back and suddenly was awakened to the fragility of life and a coming to terms of our/my mortality that I made the decision to retire from Hollywood and start living my life and enjoying the many things I have been too busy to enjoy in the past. I highly recommend it!

- Thank you Erick Avari and all the best for your future and i hope to see you one day in Germany.

A big thanks for including me.




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