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Interview with Greg Crews - The Walking Dead Walker

Greg Crew is an American Actor who portrayed Greg (also known as "The Snoring Guy") in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead. He appeared in the first two episodes of Season 4 before he was killed off in the cell block attack in "Infected".



Bernd: First , it is a pleasure to have you Greg Crews here for , thank you.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your involvement with the show and how long you've been professionally acting?


Greg: My name is Greg Crews and I am a former Navy mechanic who has had a passion for acting since I was a kid. I worked my first film when I was a teenager. I did a lot of plays and a drug awareness video when I was younger. I found a niche in the acting world when the Three Stooges remake was being filmed in Atlanta. I have been a professional actor for 4 years now...

Bernd. How did you get The Walking Dead gig?


Greg: I got an email from the casting company telling me that Greg Nicoturo had personally picked me for the role on the show. The casting company is good friends of mine...

Bernd: How many times have you played a zombie?


Greg:I have only played a zombie once and it was for TWD. I usually play police officers in the films I have worked....




Bernd: Did you work in other TV Shows or movies?


Greg: I have worked in over 80 major productions including a Peacekeeper in the Hunger Games movies, A cop on the show Resurrection as well as Devious Maids and also Halt and Catch Fire. I have also played a cop in Need for Speed and Fast and Furious 7. There is so many films I have been a part of....



Bernd: Why do you think The Walking Dead has secured a cult-like fan base after just one short six-episode season?


Greg: The Walking Dead has invented an alternate world with intense character development that leaves its viewers things to think about and a rivoting story line that sucks you in and leaves you wanting more cause of the intensity of the characters portrayed. The characters are all so real they all remind the viewers of people we know. I can relate to every character involved and think of someone they remind me of that I have known in 40 years of life...


Bernd: The Make-up is awesome, how was it for you in the and under the make up?



sat in the chair for a couple of hours and the talented Kevin Wasner did the prosthetics with Jake Garber and Nicoturo assisting.It was time consuming but I learned a lot about the talented FX dept of Walking Dead



Bernd: Being a zombie expert, what are the three most important things you'd need in a zombie apocalypse?


Greg: I would think that the three things you need during a ZA is a good partner to ride with you, good survival equipment including weapons and camping gear, oh and you need a badass catch phrase also... Got to have the catch phrase...

Bernd: At the last something so say to TWD and Greg Crews Fans?


Greg:The Walking Dead is an intense flagship for the wonderful and exciting films and shows that we are producing in the state of Georgia. Please continue watching Georgia shows and show us support so we can continue to put out quality features for many years to come. I know my family and myself are grateful for all the support we are getting from viewers all over the world.....

You want to stay in touch with Greg Crews? Feel free to visit The Snoring Guy of The Walking Dead on Facebook:


You want an Autograph/Photo feel free to ask Greg Crews , he is selling pictures as well. Greg Crews Facebook or Follow on Twitter

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