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Hattie Gotobed - Game of Thrones and more Interview


Hattie Gotobed (Ghita in Game of Thrones Season 5) has been named one of Britain's female rising stars by IMDB and Screen Terrier for 2016. She won Best Actress for her role in Daisy at the Marbella International Film Festival October 2016 where she plays a terminally ill girl with EB alongside Max Brown.


-Thank you Hattie to spend some time for your Fans here on



-Hattie, you played Ghita (Ghita is brought to the House of Black and White by her grieving father after various treatment attempts have failed) in Game of Thrones. How did you get the role?

Just like most roles, I participated in many castings for the role of ‘Ghita’ where I had to stand out from all the other little actresses auditioning. I met with the casting director(s) quite a few times to act out the scripted scenes. This was the 3rd different and largest role I had auditioned for Game of Thrones and was therefore determined to get it as I knew how popular the Series had become and really wanted to be apart of it. I had a casting and then a recall then ‘the’ phone call while at school saying I had been offered the part which was really exciting and overwhelming.



-Did you watch Game of Thrones before you got cast or read the Novel´s?

I had not watched or read Game of Thrones before I was cast, mainly because I was under the age restriction for the show and I don’t particularly enjoy watching gore or violent/explicit scenes although I know its all for screen. However, a few years on I have tried to get into the series which I do enjoy no matter how long it may take for me to catch up! My older siblings were and are big fans of the TV show, actors and books so were very jealous when they found out the news but my sister was lucky enough to join me on set for part of the filming.



- You played the scene with Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) . How much has this moment in Game of Thrones changed your life?

To film with Maisie Williams was a brilliant experience, she really is kind and chatty. I wouldn’t say the scene has necessarily changed my life except for the fact I can say I have filmed with her and learnt from her which I will always respect and remember. The opportunity to have the scene and the other ones which were cut is a once in a lifetime and really has supported my passion for acting and being on set and seeing what Maisie can achieve was really inspiring.




- You murder Ser Meryn Trant in a brothel. I had the pleasure to meet Ian Beattie here in Germany. How was it play with Ian for you?

Filming with Ian was so positive, he plays his character so well as in reality he is the nicest person. I loved learning the staging and watching the building process for my scenes with him as there were so many elements which audiences don’t see and Ian was really useful to bounce off as a character to build the scenes climatic tension.


- Do you have a funny moment from the set you can share with us?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any funny moments to share however the whole experience was fun and unforgettable. I got to film in Belfast, have my whole head cast for the prosthetic ‘face’, sit on the iron throne and I also wore the boots that Maisie wore herself in the earlier seasons which was amusing for us both!


-After Game of Thrones you become more projects, "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? " and "Daisy". Do you think GoT was the JumpingBoard for you?

Yes, I do think Game of Thrones has helped my career. I was lucky to already been filming other films before it such as Lily in Snow White and the Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart and I was actually filming Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? At the same time as Game of Thrones. On the back of it I have also been invited to some conventions including overseas which I really enjoy because you get to meet all sorts of people. I am excited for the next season but also sad as it will be the last.



- For the Short Daisy you won Best Actress for your role in Daisy at the Marbella International Film Festival October 2016. How does it feel winning aged 13 years?

When I heard the news that I won the Best Actress award for Daisy I was absolutely amazed. I feel very honoured especially at such a young age as I wasn’t expecting such an award for a very long time. I also feel very proud to have been a part of this film that highlights this terrible disease. The award is now displayed in my room and I hope in the future I will be able to accept a few more.


- Hattie, what can you tell us about the Movie "Beast" and your role?

I appear in the new feature film ‘Beast’ directed by Michael Pearce , starring Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn. It’s a fascinating phycological thriller involving romance and drama. I play Jade, the teenage niece to Mol (Jessie), who is playful and happy with Mol and Pascal. She is aware of the pressure Mol receives from her mum and the effects it has on the family as well as the unfolding news of a school mates’ death- but is it in relation to Mol’s new lover? I loved becoming this character on what felt like a very relaxed set. I felt cared for by all the actors I filmed with and miss our ‘family’ chats. I’m so glad that the film is now on DVD and can’t wait for many people to enjoy the outcome.


- Is there still a dream project you would love to play in your life?

I would love to portray a continuous (main) character in a film/ TV series drama where I can really develop and convey my skills and characters people wouldn’t expect from me. I wouldn’t say no to playing a character in Doctor Who or in a Marvel film. I’d also love to film with animals, I have my own horse and dog and am a real animal lover! Ultimately, I just love to be on camera and create entertainment.




- At the last you can say some words to your Fans and the Game of Thrones Universe?

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my Game of Thrones journey, I wish I could say that to you guys in person. I really am so grateful as I didn’t expect I would have any following, so it makes me feel so lucky! I filmed a BBC film The Visitor, currently in post-production and hopefully out in 2019, earlier this year so look out for me in that and please follow me on social media for any future news or updates, hopefully you will see me on your screens again in the future 😊


-Thank you very much and i hope meet you some day in Germany.



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