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Interview with Katharina Daue

Katharina Daue is an actress, known for One Minute/Sixty Seconds (2016), Odyssey: A Star Wars Story (2018)
and Grey Room: Haven's Mill (2018)

-Katharina , thank you for your time for this little Interview.


- You starts your career , when i look on IMDb,2015 in "Singer" as Lucy, thats right?

Yes, it was my first short film.

- Born in Germany and now life in the USA. What brings you to the USA?

My father is an engineer and businessman and brought us over to the US when I was a kid. I am originally from Berlin.

- You work in Odyssey: A Star Wars Story , a very good Fan Movie, but your role was cut. But what can you
tell us about Taska?

She is the quiet, nurturing aspect of the film (which focuses on war).

- 2016, one of your first big Highlights, One Minute/Sixty Seconds. How was it to play Danielle and
searching for your missing brother?

I was playing Danielle stilted for a number of reasons, so that was challenging. It was my first lead role and the cast and crew was easy-going and fun so it was a great experience.

- You work with so many people, which one has left an impression in your life and what?

The most impressionable for me was the cast and crew of "Sarah Q", where I booked a small walk-on role. I was new to New York and totally overwhelmed by the city. I must have tripped over a lot of cables while on set and even forgot some of my stuff, so had to rush back to my hotel during my call-time. But John A. Gallagher, the director, was very kind and accommodating to me. It's a blessing when you work with great people who are also kind.

- Now you have 2 Post Produtions. The Forgotten Hell (Short) what it is?

Forgotten Hell is a foreign-language short shot in Romanian and German that we filmed in March. It's about a Romanian woman who flees the invading Germans during World War II and hides away in a cabin. My character and two other characters in the film speak only German and the protagonist speaks only Romanian. The production team and director spoke only English. So we had quite a few languages floating around and also made up some in-between languages. I would say it was an extraordinary experience to film.

- The second is Grey Room: Haven's Mill (TV Mini-Series), What do you play here?

I play Wren, a psychic personality who conjures up dark entities. The whole town is besieged by demons in the mini-series and Wren has something to do with it!

- Do you still speak some german?

Ja natürlich! Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache.


- Thank you Katharina Daue for this Interview and i hope to see you some back day in Germany.




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