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Lee Vervoort - The Beast of LBL

Lee Vervoort has been involved in the film industry over a decade. His work includes feature films, 
television, short films, commercials and music videos. We know him for is work in AMC´s The Walking Dead. 
Lee is one of Team Negan´s Saviors. Now he worls on the Project " The Beast of LBL"


- Thank you Lee for your spontaneous commitment for another Interview for the Fans of 

Thank you Bernd! 

- Lee you working on your next feature film titled The Beast of LBL. (Land Between the Lakes). We talked last time a little bit. What is the story behind?
Our next project "The Beast of LBL" revolves around actual Kentucky folklore about a creature called the "dogman". It stands around 7 feet tall, has the head of a dog, superhuman strength, red eyes and a very foul smell.
The most infamous story is that of a family who was camping in LBL (Land Between the Lakes).

- Projects based on Folklore or true storys had many fans in the Industry but what brings you to make this movie?
Reportedly, the beast caught them by surprise and mauled them one by one. Several alleged eyewitness accounts have kept the story alive over the years.

The reason I chose this subject matter is because when I heard about it from an article shared by WKDZ radio in Cadiz, Ky. where I grew up, it sparked my interest. Local folklore about a creature such as this, it fit.



- You still working on this movie, do you have release date?
The script has just now been completed by my business partner Spencer Balentine who is originally from LBL, or as it was called back in the day... Between the Rivers. (BTR) We hope to begin production later next year.


- Who is in the movie too? I saw Matt Green, who becomes a "Best Production Design in a short Film" Award.
The filming so far has been conducted by Chad Fuller and Matt Green of Fuller and Green Productions. 


- Will we see maybe friends from The Walking Dead too?
Jerad Stroscher who is my doppelganger, will be playing my younger brother. He lives in Naches Washington. Although new to the industry, he's very excited about being involved. I plan to involve many of the locals as well. Actors I've made friends with over the years will have speaking roles as well.....and yes, perhaps some from the walking dead may also be involved.

- For Fans and future Friends of the movie , you can Follow an Facebook: 


- See the Trailer:


- Thank you being my guest one more time Lee.
Thank you for the interview!



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