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Mark Teems - The Walker Interview (The Walking Dead) First , it is a pleasure to have you Mark Teems here for , thank you. You are one of the The walking Dead Zombies in Season 2 episodes 3 and 13, how was it for you work for TWD?



Mark Teems: I had a very good experience. I got to meet most of the stars. I really liked Greg Nicotero, and IronE Singleton (T-Dog). They were both very down to earth. Mark you say about yourself:" I'm not an "artist". I'm just a guy with a bald head that was easy to make up." How do you come to the Job as Zombie? Is there a story behind?


Mark Teems: I was in the Atlanta Newspaper for weight loss. I lost 140 lbs in 8 months. The Walking Dead casting saw my news article and sent me an email.


I called back and was chosen to be in Season 2, episode 3. I was called again for the last episode. I work a regular job as a Policeman at the CDC in Atlanta.; In real Life you are a Police Officer by trade and father of 2 grown children. What’s says your business colleagues and family when they see you the first time in TWD?


Mark Teems: Many of my colleagues are Walking Dead fans. They think its cool working with a real zombie! In Germany this year starts the InfeCtiON (TWD Con) and will continue next year,when the promoter ask,will you come?


Mark Teems: I would LOVE to return to Germany. I had such a great experience while there in 2009. I really loved the Schnitzel and potato dumplings!!! The Make-up is awesome, how was it for you in the and under the make up?


Mark Teems: Applying the makeup took about 1 hour. The makeup trailer was not air conditioned. Georgia is HOT in July, when we filmed episode 3. The makeup guys had to keep touching up the makeup because we were sweating so much. At the last something so say to TWD and Mark Teems Fans?


Mark Teems: I would like to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to appear in such a great show. I really enjoy meeting all the fans. The Walking Dead has the best fans of any show on television. Thank you all for visiting my fan page. Thank you very much, it was a great pleasure for me.

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