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Mickey Lewis - Interview - Star Wars , Doctor Who , Merlin and more

Mickey Lewis is known for his work on B&B , Scareycrows and Da Vinci's Demons , but also for working in Star Wars VII and VIII and Rogue One.

Thank you Mickey for your time for the Star Wars Fans.
My pleasure, Bernd!

- In Star Wars Episode VII you playing an First Order General. How did you get cast for Star Wars ?
I joined an agent that I had heard was dealing with the new franchise. I was lucky enough to get the call for a fitting and it went from there. The costume was very cool. Sleek black all over.  But very hot to wear on a mid July day at Pinewood exposed to the sun all day long!

- Were you a Star Wars fan before you got cast?
I loved the first Star Wars film and then kind of drifted away. But I’ll never forget the impact that first one had on me. I remember being a bit ‘hmmm’ when Phantom Menace came out. TFA was vibrant, fresh and exhilarating though.

- Episode VII was just one of three Star Wars movies you worked for. You also in Rogue One as an Fleet Trooper and Episode VIII as an Resistance Bridge Comms. What was your favorite part of this?
Rogue One I only worked on for a very short time, although in a great scene with Krennick’s ship arriving for action on the beach. The Fleet Trooper costume was my hands down favourite of all the costumes I have worn in Star Wars. Loved it. 

- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?
I must say without a doubt that Last Jedi was my favourite film to work on. I had a few weeks on this and got to work in the same scene as the lovely Carrie Fisher. I remember her winking at me across the control console! However, her pug Gary Fisher was asleep on the floor behind me and once I nearly stepped on him as I moved back!  Wonderful scenes of action on both space ships. My only quibble was the costume which I thought was drab compared to the cool Fleet Trooper costume. But great to be resistance for once, having left the Dark Side behind!!

- Please finish the following sentence: “Looking back at working on Star Wars.....
Looking back at working on Star Wars, I will always remember the fantastic sets and costumes, but above all the incredible people I got to work with including Carrie, the wonderful director Rian Johnson (what a lovely guy he was!) and all the Resistance, Generals and Officers on both sides of the Force I shared my trips through space with

- You not only played in Star Wars, you also in Da Vinci's Demons , many Doctor Who Episodes and some more. What was your favorite role so far?
Favourite role? Being a Dalek and Cyberman is always cool because I remember being terrified of them when I was a child. But I’ve recently had a lot of fun as a Roman Legionnaire in the second series of Britannia. Four months of crazy action and mystical, trippy, gory fun!


-  You startet 2012 in one of my favorite fantasy series "Merlin" what can you say about this series and working with Colin Morgan or Bradley James?
Merlin was an absolute ball. I’d never done sword fighting before and here I was suddenly clashing blades with Arthur and his knights - and always getting killed! We got stunt training on set from the stunt co-ordinators and were then thrown into the action, fighting with the main cast - something which very rarely happens now. Nowadays it would be the fully trained stunt men who would fight with the principle cast. But back then it was much freer and more exciting.

- "The War of the Worlds starts" and you also a little would you describe the series?
The BBC War of the Worlds was tremendously exciting to film on. I’d always been a huge fan of the original book and here at last they were doing it properly! I got rigged up with the FX gear to be incinerated by a Death Ray but then the stunt co-ordinator came over and said it had to be a certified stunt man who did it. The director looked very despondent as changing a stunt man into my police costume would waste valuable time. I quickly told him that I had lots of experience of SPACT (special action/minor stunt work) and he looked delighted and gave me the green light to go go go! I had to throw out my arms and activate the explosion hidden in one hand and then take a fall in the hilly woodland, making sure I got the timing exactly right as the main actor passed the camera.  So glad to hear the director say immediately after the take: ‘Loved that, Mickey!’ 

- When you not work as actor what are you doing?
When I’m not on set I also write novels. I have two horror novels out under the pseudonym Leo Darke and am also working on a crime novel under my real name.

- Thank you for your time! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?
When I’m not on set I also write novels. I have two horror novels out under the pseudonym Leo Darke and am also working on a crime novel under my real name.






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