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Naomi Grossman - The Beauty & Pepper Interview

Today my guest is Naomi Grossman.


Naomi Grossman is an American actress, writer, and producer best known for her role as Pepper in the second and fourth seasons of the FX horror television series American Horror Story.


Thank you Naomi for your time for the fans and myself.


Naomi, you played Pepper in Ryan Murphy´s American Horror Story Season 2 and 4, how has this role changed your life?


It’s changed everything.  The way people perceive me, the way I perceive myself... It’s put me on the map.  Before, I was my only real advocate.  Now I have fans and followers all over the world.  Like you, in Germany! 

It makes me think I’m doing something important, and not just self-serving; which acting, on the surface, always seemed to me to be.  It’s lovely to have such validation-- for others to finally recognize what I’ve always known about myself.  This is what I’m meant to do.  My secret’s out!

You recently said, “I’ve never been told I was so pretty until I played the ugliest person on TV.” What was your first thought when you saw yourself with your Pepper Makeup?


I thought it was awesome!  I’ve always embraced big, weird, ugly, over-the-top characters.  And well, it doesn’t get much bigger or weirder or uglier or more over-the-top than Pepper!  I find beautiful, girl-next-door roles boring.  So I’m fine not getting those.  Not that I don’t want to be beautiful-- I’m a woman-- of course I do!  But I’d rather be beautiful in life, and big and weird and ugly on-screen.  It’s more interesting that way.  And better than the other way around, certainly!  


If you weren’t a part of the show, do you think you’d watch?


I admit, I’m guilty of not watching enough television (considering my profession).  So, I can’t say for certain-- only because I don’t watch much of anything!  I’m trying to get better about that!  All I can say is, I’m so thankful to be on the show-- not just for the opportunities it’s afforded me, but because it’s forced me to watch!  And what a wonderful viewing experience it is!  I think we’re experiencing a real renaissance when it comes to television.  TV is the new black!  It’s thrilling to be a part of.    

How was it for you work with Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates?


Again, thrilling.  They’re such legends.  It’s like attending an acting master class, only I get paid to go.  It doesn’t get better than that.


What’s next for Naomi now after Season 4? I saw that you have some films in Pre-production like "The Chair" or "The Ones" ?


“The Ones” has actually been in post-production for a thousand years now, so I have no idea what’s going on with that.  “The Chair” just wrapped production in February.  It’s trailer appeared on the “Fangoria” website recently, and it looks great!  “Freak Show” was obviously a hard act to follow, but for a low-budget thriller, I think “The Chair”’s going to deliver!  I’ve got a zombedy (a zombie comedy) coming up next, so there are things in the works...


You also travel around the world for conventions, how is it meeting your many, many fans live?


I love it!  I love my fans... I owe them so much.  I wouldn’t be here, giving this interview, without them.  Nevermind return as the first and only crossover character!  Fans often comment on how “nice” I am.  That always surprises me.  Are actors and celebrities not normally nice?  What’s wrong with them?  Maybe I’m just modern, swept up in this social media-age, but we depend on them!  They can make or break us!  Besides, I remember back when I didn’t have fans... other than my mom.  I hope to never become jaded, and forget where I came from.  Meeting fans should always be fun.  When it stops being fun, I’ll stop meeting them!

One last question, will we see you back in Season 5, maybe as Pepper, or with a new role?


I can’t answer that!


Finally, some last words for our readers and your fans?


Well, I’ve said it already, but I value each and every one of you!  Thank you for your unceasing support.  I’m truly indebted.    


Thank you very much and maybe we see us some day back in Germany.


I would love that!  I was in Dortmund to meet fans at Movie Days/The Dark Zone just last year.  Then travelled on my own to visit friends in Bavaria and Berlin.  What a beautiful, diverse, vibrant, cool country.  I’d gladly return anytime!  


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