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Riva Gijanto / Miss Riva Interview

Riva Gijanto is an actress known for her work on Star Trek: New Voyages , Vampires in Virginia and Water Is Not Enough 

- Thank you Riva Gijanto for your spontaneous commitment. Can you introduce yourself please? 


My stage name is MissRiva, but these days I'd prefer to go by my regular name since I'm married. ;)

- Riva ,How did you get your role in Star Trek: New Voyages 2006?


Ironically, I started work at a local Walmart and met a rather cool guy that just happened to start at the same time as I. We became friends instantly and I told him how I had just been accepted by a modeling agency. He replied back with information about a guy he just started working for who was currently whipping up an online series called, "Star Trek New Voyages." Since my home town only consists of 7 thousand people, I actually knew about the guy in charge of the production, apparently he went to school with my parents. 

I stopped up and met my new friend there, Patrick. He introduced me to James and the rest was history!

- Did you watch the show or an other Star Trek Series prior to your casting to Star Trek?


I never got into watching Star Trek then, but I was always intrigued by space and the unknown in general. I figured that our TV shows about space could be us in the future or possibly that life somewhere may actually exist just like the TV shows. 

- Working with Walter Koenig will be a dream for 
every Star Trek Fan, what can you say about working with him


Honestly, I had no idea who he was! When Patrick introduced me to him, I still didn't know who he was and even when he told me afterward it still didn't click. I never even asked for an autograph!

Personally, I treat everyone the same. I don't get giddy when I meet celebrities and I certainly don't obsess over other humans. Everyone is equal and interesting.

People ask me all the time what it's like working with famous people, I have to have a chuckle, their just humans like you and I!

- Riva , you wwas from 2006-2013 a part of Star Trek.How much has the series influenced your life?


I was actually with them for about 9 years and I would have to say that being a part of this production has taught me more than I could ever explain. It's been a real treat being a part of that journey. I met a lot of incredibly talented and loving people in one spot. Everyone I met was unique. Working on this production opened up many doors for me in many ways. My network stretches across the world. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity.

- What was the best thing or the funniest moment about working on Set? Is there something 
special you can share with us?


That's really hard honestly. There were so many jokes, pranks, laughs, stories, it's hard to remember once specific moment. I just remember always having a smile on my face and always giggling. 

I think if I can remember right, I remember this one time all the cast and crew hid from I believe it was James. We all gathered in hiding spots throughout the whole building and when he came the building was silent. Even though our cars were in the parking lot, we were no where to be found. I just remember hearing people laughing when they were found. It was the greatest game of hide-n-seek I ever played! 

- Riva, you not only work in Star Trek. You had many other projects. What can you tell us about the Crazy Zombie and "Zombie Isle"?


"Dating a Zombie" was filmed in NY as well. I was casted as an extra at that time. They gave me a role once they realized how cute I was (according to them), so they ended up giving me a better role. However, the morning of my role I fell ill. I was very sick and couldn't make the drive nor stand up long. I had to quit the film, because my illness didn't go away. I found out a week later that I was pregnant! My son just turned 7.


"Zombie Isle" was fun! However, I took on small roles during that time, considering I was pregnant again! My daughter will be 5 this month. It was pretty rad being a pregnant zombie though! 

- Is there a dreamrole or actor/actress you would love to work in/with?


I would love to work with Angelina Jolie, Mila Jovovich, Mila Kunis, Johnny Depp or Jim Carey. I would of loved to work Robin Williams (RIP). Everyone I mentioned is either really funny or really badass. I would love to work with truly unique people!


A dream role would be to work as the lead actress in a horror/scifi film and or a Marvel/DC movie. I have a nitch for the unknown possibilities that could exist and would love the opportunity to play a role where I was a unique and powerful entity. 

- Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series that you can reveal?On IMDb i see "Vampires in Virgina"


"Vampires in Viginia" ended back in 2014 or 2015 (brain fart) I believe. I'm not entirely sure why it still says it's in pre-production, nothing else has been done to it and nothing came out of it. I'm not sure what happened, but it's rather disappointing to see it was basically dropped. I'm not entirely sure if we will ever get to see it now. Even though it finished and they had the budget, it was dropped. I was told I would be a main character in the next one, but as hopeful as I am I don't foresee a future with this production. 


I was just cast for a new series that will launch at some point next year. I have also been cast to another new series, but uncertain when it'll start production. 

I'll share the one series I'm working on is called, "Supernatural Assassins." I play Harper, a werewolf. That's all I can say for now! Haha.

- Is there anything else you would like to let Star Trek Fans and your fans know?


As a mom of two, a military spouse traveling the world and going to school currently, my life is certainly busy!

I signed to 2 talent agencies this year, but set aside opportunities to focus on finishing school.

I am a certified in plant based nutritionist and Nutrition and Healthy Living. I'm also currently working on my personal training certification so that I can inspire and motivate my fellow humans to eat healthier and more consciously.

My family and I are currently downsizing our 2,000 square foot house to an RV for full time traveling for the next 4 years or so. We are currently putting together a You-Tube channel for everyone to join the journey. However, the name is still being determined! 


I don't have any current pages you can follow and soon my website will no longer be available, because I stepped away from social media. I do have a You-Tube channel I don't really keep up on, but you're welcome to follow it since it'll be where I post about my family's new channel for full time RVing!

"The Offical MissRiva"


I hope all my fans and or Star Trek fans boldly go where no man has gone before!


"Be aware, be kind, be humble and for life you will not fumble." -Riva



Best regards,

Riva Gijanto
Actress | Model | I.T.S Talent Management
(804) 943-4512 |


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