Robert Maschio - The High

Five Interview

Today my Guest is Robert Maschio better known as Dr.Todd "The Todd" Quinlan in the ABC comedy Show " Scrubs".

Hi Mr Robert Maschio, Thanks for taking the time to anwser the questions for this interview.


Bernd: Robert your most iconic role was playing for many years The Todd in Scubs,how has that role as Mr High Five Himself changed your life?


Robert: I worked for many years doing theatre, improv and stand up comedy. Playing the Todd was a culmination of all the work. It was a very specific character, a fun character - I got to say and do things that many men in real life wish they could say and do. For that reason, the character resonated with many people.

There are many ways a person's life changes during the 9 year run of a tv show, one that continues to play in over 50 countries around the world.Since it ended , I created a High Five App for people to enjoy on their smart phones ( ) and also a line of High Five T shirts at (

Bernd: When you show up to an Comic Con or go anywhere,how many times have you been asked for an High Five?


Robert: People ask me for a High Five's fun, it's positive, it's time a young man asked me for a high five while I was at the urinal, in the bathroom. I told him my hands were full at the moment, so he waited outside for me!


Bernd: What is your all-time favorite moment in Scrubs?


Robert:The Miracle Five & the Mental Five.... I liked them so much I made t shirts of them at my website

Bernd: After nine years Scrubs come to an end in 2010,do you still have contact to other Actors from the Hospital?


Robert: Occasionally, every few months or so, I see some of the cast, but not as much as I used to. I miss them all and wish them well!



Bernd:  But you are not only The Todd, what can you tell us about Louis Browning and As The World turns?


Robert: That was a non comedic role I did one summer while I was on vacation from Scrubs. It was a great experience, they work very hard on Soap Operas, butI am in my heart, a comedic actor and I want to do more of that!

Bernd: -Are there any new Robert Maschio projects, we can look forward to?


Robert: I invite your readers to check out my site and all that I am up to. On twitter @robertmaschio and Facebook @robertmaschio and instagram @robertmaschio


I created the High Five App I have my own High Five T Shirts I appear 2-3 times a year at Comic Cons I audition and compete for my next TV show while living here in Los Angeles CA


Bernd: At the last you have something to say to your fans arround the world?


Robert: I would like to say thank you! I hope to meet you, I hope to one day come to your city, I hope to kiss you on the mouth. If you see me walking down the street, come up and say hello,I will high five you back! Flosse! - Robert Maschio


Bernd: Thanks again and i look forward to see you back in germany in the future.