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Sam Coleman - Between Hodor and Leatherface

-Today my Guest is Sam Coleman, best known for playing Wylis aka Young Hodor in Game of Thrones.

-Thank you Sam to spend some time for your Fans here on

-Sam, you played Wylis, the Young Hodor, in Game of Thrones. How did you get the role?


I went up for an audition and they liked me so they gave me a part.



-Did you watch Game of Thrones before you got cast or read the Novel´s?


I watched the show but I had only just started reading the books


- You played the scene many fans are waiting for. why Hodor is Hodor. How much has this moment in Game of Thrones changed your life?


Its been a weird experience. People now shout "Hold the door" at me in the street. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to play the part and I will continue to work hard at my craft.


- Do you have a funny moment from the set you can share with us?


I had to have a 20 minute session with the stunt guy just to learn how to fall over.



-Sam on IMDb stand you are a keen poet and occasional song writer,thats right?


Yes, I write poetry and songs. 



-After Game of Thrones you become more projects, "The Prince of Denmark" and "Lords of Chaos". Do you think GoT was the JumpingBoard for you?


In some respects, though I still had to audition. 



-The next Big Thing will be your part as "Bud" in the Prequel about teenage Leatherface. What can you tell us about this Movie?


It is a really sweet horror movie, lots of scary moments and blood but also some quiet, serene moments.


- At the last you can say some words to your Fans and the Game of Thrones Universe?


Fans make a show like GOT possible, for that I and all the cast must be forever grateful. 

-Thank you very much and i hope meet you some day in Germany.


Thank you :)


Sam Coleman´s Homepage Fell free to Visit


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