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Trevor Butterfield

Interview - 40 Years Flash Gordon

Trevor Butterfield is known for his work on Mission: Impossible , Star Wars, Aliens - The Return and Prometheus.Trevor also played in Flash Gordon an Hawkman

- Thank you Trevor for your time for the "Flash Gorden 40 Years Anniversary" Interview Series.


- Trevor, how did you get your role in Flash Gordon?

I was a male model at the time and between modelling jobs I did film work and my agent informed me about Flash and l went for an audition and got the part of an Hawk Man.


- After 40 years can you remember how do preparing for your role as Hawkman?

Preparation for the role was not easy as I can remember it was winter time and we had to wear brown makeup which was applied in not much better than a garden shed with no heating and you can imagine it was very uncomfortable.


- Work on set with Sam J.Jones ,Melody Anderson or Brian Blessed. When you 
look back, what can you tell us about these times and with which one do you work?

Working on set was very enjoyable especially with Brian he was always having joke at someone’s expense,Sam was a great guy and fun to be with we would play cards together with some of the other actors in between scenes and Sam would never win I think he must have lost part of his wages one time ?

- The wings of a Hawkman how heavy were those costume?

The wings were very heavy and uncomfortable and could only take them off at lunchtime and when we finished filming.

-  Do you still have contact to some actor´s/actress of the Movie?

I still see a few of my friends from Flash and it’s nice when we do get together as we always reminisce about the good times we had.


- Did you think in 1980 that Flash Gordon would be such a success?

Looking back all those years especially when the film got released and didn’t do too well at the box office it is now very satisfying to see that it is now a cult classic how things can be so unpredictable ?


- Is there a funny or scary situation on set or behind the scene that you remeber and can share with us?

Yes I remember Brian in particular there was about 12 Hawk men standing around in between takes and Brian said to everyone those who can’t tap dance are gay so everyone is trying to tap dance as you can imagine it was quite a laugh.


- Please finish the following sentence: “Looking back , 40 years later, at working on Flash Gordon.....

Looking back 40yrs later after working on Flash Gordon it was one of the best memories of my film career working with such lovely actors and crew.


- At the last some words for the fans?

And to all the many fans it is because of you that Flash has become such an iconic movie my thanks to you all.

- Thank you Trevor for your time for your fans and the Flash Gordon fans.

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