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Alan Austen - 40 Years Flash Gordon Interview - 

Now I have realised what a great film  FG is

Alan Austen began his acting career in 1979. He played an Mongo Man in 
Flash Gorden and also in many other films like Star Wars, James Bond , Doctor Who....

- Thank you Alan for your time for the "Flash Gorden 40 Years Anniversary" Interview Series.

- Alan, how did you get your role in Flash Gordon?
I was cast through Central Casting in London.



- After 40 years can you remember how do preparing for your role as Mongo Man?
As it was a role with no dialogue, I simply followed the instructions of an assistant director. 

- Work on set with Sam J.Jones ,Melody Anderson or Ornella Muti. When you 
look back, what can you tell us about these times and with which one do you work?

I didn’t have much interaction with the main actors on set, but had some lovely conversation with them all, especially Max Von Sydov, who played Ming. I thought that Ornela  was incredibly beautiful and was a little too shy to speak to her.



- How much as Flash Gordon influenced your life or career?
At the time, Flash Gordon didn’t influence me at all as I had come straight off the set of Empire Strikes Back. Now I have realised what a great film  FG is. I think that is to do with the appreciation of the FG fans.

-  Do you still have contact to some actor´s/actress of the Movie?
Yes I do. I am still great friends with Derek Lyons whom I first met on the set of FG. Also, I met up with Sam J Jones at a convention a few years ago. 

- Did you think in 1980 that Flash Gordon would be such a success?
I had a good feeling about FG whilst on set. I felt like I was working on something big. When I saw the film on its release I really enjoyed it. I still do when it runs on television. It’s a great film.

- Is there a funny or scary situation on set or behind the scene that you remeber and can share with us?
Yes. When I went to the studio to be fitted in my costume, I went on the set of Ming’s palace, before filming started. The set was still being built. Sam Jones was there and taking photos of the set. He introduced himself to me and his mom n dad who were visiting from the USA. That was a lovely moment which I have never forgotten.
Another great moment was watching Timothy Dalton and Brian Blessed larking about on set in between takes. They were a real comedy double act, always laughing and joking together and entertaining for those of us on set.


- Please finish the following sentence: “Looking back , 40 years later, at working on Flash Gordon.....
After 40 years I still have great memories of working on FG. I made some good friends and met some great characters that I worked on other films with later on.


- At the last some words for the fans?
I will take this opportunity to thank all the fans of FG for their continued support. Also, that I am very lucky to have had the experience of being involved with FG.


- Thank you Alan for your time for your fans and the Flash Gordon fans.

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