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John Dak Morton Interview - 40 Years Flash Gordon 

John Morton was born on March 26, 1947 as John Fass Morton. He is known for his work on Star Wars The Empire strikes back (1980), Flash Gordon (1980) and Superman II

- Thank you John for your time for the "Flash Gorden 40 Years Anniversary" Interview Series.


- John, how did you get your role in Flash Gordon?
I got the role through an interview with the casting director, the great Mary Selway.



- After 40 years can you remember how do preparing for your role as Airline Pilot?
I prepared for the role by drawing on my military experience. I served in the Navy before going into the entertainment business.

- Work on set with Sam J.Jones ,Melody Anderson or Ornella Muti. When you 
look back, what can you tell us about these times and with which one do you work?

I was in one sequence with Sam and Melody.  I still see Sam on the convention circuit.



- How much as Flash Gordon influenced your life or career?
It proved to be a very colourful production, my third science fiction film along with Empire Strikes Back and Superman II.  It has been a fantastic association on the convention circuit.



- When you look back at the filming, a special moment to remember?
While we were filming our sequence, the Hawkmen were practicing.  It was very spectacular.


- At the last some words for the fans?
My advice to fans is never to abandon your dream (what informs your creative side). It makes real life worth living.


- Thank you John for your time for your fans and the Flash Gordon fans.


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