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Interview with Moses J Moseley from The Walking Dead

Bernd: First , it is a pleasure to have you Moses J. Moseley here for, thank you.

Moses: The pleasure is mine thanks for taking the time to interview me.


Bernd: How did you get your role on The Walking Dead?

Moses: I submitted my photos to the casting department and they called me in to audition.



Bernd: You are one of the famous The walking Dead Zombies as Michonne´s Pet Walker,how does it feel to see yourself 1000 times in www as a zombie or on magazine covers?

Moses: It was an honor and simply an amazing experience and feeling.


Bernd: What is like having a action figure of the zombie you played and what do you think when you see this the first time?

Moses: It feels like a long term accomplishment has been made in short term time but again an honor and blessing. The first time I saw the action figure I couldn't stop staring at it I was blown away.

Bernd: How long did your makeup processes take?


Moses: About 2 1/2 hours



Bernd: Did you read the comic series before or did you pick it up once you had your roles?


Moses: I didn't read or know anything about the show or comic books until after I was casted for the part but after I did my part I started watching the show and reading the comics.



Bernd: Do you have any funny storie from your time on set?


Moses: One funny thing actually did occur to me it was during the entertainment weekly photo shoot we were all breaking for lunch and I was so hungry that I rushed over to the lunch area and when I got there I sat down and got my tray of food and it didn't occur to me I still had the prosthetics on until I tried to put the food in my mouth and couldn't. I then had to head to the props trailer so they could (remove my jaw) so I could eat lol.

Bernd: Moses you are an actor and model.Are you currently working on any other projects?


Moses: I currently just finished filming 3 pilots and I'm working on 2 more. I'll also be on the movie Lets Be Cops that was recently released.




Bernd: At the last something so say to TWD and Moses Fans?


Moses: I love you all you are all amazing and thank you so much for the support.


Bernd: Thank You very much,it was a great pleasure for me.

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