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First , it is a pleasure to have you Michelle Helmeczy here for , thank you.




Tell us a bit about yourself, your involvement with the show and how long you've been professionally acting?


I originally started in front of the cameras after high school.

Was in & out of the industry for years but took a break after getting married & had kids. Now that the kids are grown, I've gotten back into it.

I've been a Walker on Season's 1, 2 & 3 of TWD. I've portrayed several walkers on various episodes.

How did you get The Walking Dead gig?


I submitted my bio & pics to the casting company here in GA and they called me to come down for a look-see. They asked me back for "zombie school" and ... that's the REST of the story!



The Make-up is awesome, how was it for you in the and under the make up?


Yes, the make-up IS awesome. Honestly, the comfort level depends on the extremity of it and of the weather. When it was 90* outside, S1, i sweated like crazy under the prostetics. However, in S3 in 28* weather, it kept you warm. You pretty much forget its on, until you look in the mirror or walk past a window.


How many times have you played a zombie?


I've played various walkers. ie:

Nightgown Zombie,

Wood Fence Zombie,

School Hallway Walker,

Chain fence walker,

Barn Walker,

Morgans House walker,

Cabin eater,

Horse eater,

Hoard Walker,

... and more.

Why do you think The Walking Dead has secured a cult-like fan base after just one short six-episode season?


Zombies and the concept of its possible reality, have always been a cult-like following. However, due to the soap opera-like storyline of the show, it gets people involved in the relationships and solutions to the situations that they think could possibly happen one day.


So, instead of being caught up in the whole "zombie" factor of the show, they get caught-up in the survival of the main characters and each episode leaves you hanging as to what could happen next.

At the last something so say to TWD and Michelle Helmeczy Fans?


I'd like to thank a few people here. First and foremost, my casting company that saw potential in me to bring me back time & again. Second, TWD for such wondeful experiences on set from both the actors as well as the PA & Crew. They are all fantastic.

And lastly, to the fans. Without the fans, TWD wouldn't have been renewed all these times. They wouldn't have given me this opportunity to meet all the wonderful people I have at Cons and signings and through facebook, that I've yet to meet, but have still expressed they wanted to meet me. TWD fans are a fantastic bunchy of people and I can't wait to continue on with the whole adventure.


Oh wait, ... last, lastly, thank you Bernd Lorenz for contacting me and asking me to be a part of your entertainment venue. I feel honored and appreciate you including me. Thank you all!! --Michelle


Oh and PLEASE go to my facebook page Michelle TWD Zombie Helmeczy and *like* the page. That way you can stay updated on all my TWD & signing events. Thank you again.

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